Three Forms of

Lounging. Today I have managed to lounge three different ways.  It is vital to my well-being to get in a variety of lounging positions. Almost as important as servings of veggies. Maybe more. If hops and Malt count. I  will reconsider my position.
Speaking of l.p’s, vinyl are antiquated,  so lounge position has taken over the lp nickname. Why L and not V. V.P. will probably be used for another hundred years.
Lounging on my old lady sleep number bed that reclines is a favorite l.p. Photo will have to come later.
Green lounge chair in the basement in front of old, but massive, television is also my favorite l.p.
The current lp is up there at the top of the list. Bath tub. Hotish water. Lots of Bubbles. Water and Chocolate for nutrition. Doesn’t get much better on a rainy Tuesday afternoon.



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