Ingredients for a

Perfect walk. The first thing I do before stepping out doors is to round the troops and ask them if they interested in a walk.Ricky032216 It didn’t take much to get the Rickster’s attention. Lucyreacts032216Lovely Lucy is always on board for a walk; she may not walk as quickly as she used to, but she rarely turns a walk down.abby032216I try to tell Abby the Labby Number Nine last as she has a tendency of jumping up on me until we start walking.

This was our second attempt at walking. Rain postponement. But then a small window opened up.breakinweather032216The clouds were putting on quite a show.clouds032216I am easily entertained.

Of course, a walk would not be complete with out Ying. She somehow always learns that we are walking.Ying032216 I was pleased to see that the Fawn Lily was still upright and hadn’t been stepped on or eaten.fawnlily032216

It felt so nice to be outside walking in the fresh air.blueskyandsun032216

This is the reason I need a new lens.neednewlens032216Yes, the tree is beautiful against the blue sky, but I really wanted to capture the bird…I don’t have any problem capturing the clouds.moreclouds032216 Since I paused to take pictures, Abby thought it was a perfect time to play tug of war with Ricky’s collar.Abbytugsricky032216 He’s too much of a gentleman to stoop so low, but nothing stops Abby from being a brat. Speaking of, Abby is telling me that it is past their dinner time.


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