Bath for

Me. Since my Fentinol patch expired three days ago,  I can take a Bath before I have Sylvia put another on. (Please excuse the phonetic spelling. I am writing this on my phone and don’t want to risk losing this to find the correct spelling. Not a big deal.) It is a good thing she dates them with a Sharpie. I thought she just changed it Friday. Nope.
I lavish in days when there is absolutely nothing on the schedule except feed the dogs. A long soak will do my back some good. Maybe some day this hot tub will be more than yard art.
I could easily be in the tub for an hour or more. The fan goes off in forty-five minutes, but that may not be enough time.  With all that I have stashed in the loft bathroom, I will be more than content.
Water, which I  am consciously drinking more water,  but the action isn’t in my routine yet. Coffee with creamer.  I will pay the price later when I can’t sleep, but it is comfort food. As long as I drink more water than coffee, I think all is good.
You’re probably thinking good for what. I am back up to 150 in this roller coaster ride of weight and want to take inventory of what I am doing and not doing.
Sierra, my new Nutritionist, will look at my food journal the next time I see her.
Will a food journal keep me from eating Reisen chocolate carmel chews? I ate a few during Joy Hainsworth’s memorial service yesterday.
One candy is forty calories. A serving is four pieces.
I am counting calories, but I would not say I am on a diet.
I recently added an application that allows me to monitor my intake and exercise, or lack of it, using my phone or my Samsung Gear Watch. It only took me close to a year to finally get a charger for it. It seems silly that the Verizon store sells the watches but not the charger.
In addition to candy,  I have sunflower seeds. I know it is softball season when I crave seeds in the shell. One at a time i eat and spit. If indoors I don’t spit. None of you had the image of me spitting indoors did you? Seeds are so much better than chew. That stuff is disgusting. Never have had the desire to try it. Icky. Cigars disgust me even more. Pipes, on the other hand, I like the aroma.
A quarter cup is 190 calories. I would have to find out how many seeds fit in my Red Sox coat pocket and measure that way.
I don’t know how many minutes I have left on the timer, but this blog feels done for now.
It just clicked off. I feel an overtime is due.


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