A Day in the Life of

Me. This is really the only topic that I am close to being an expert, and after 55.9 years, I’m realizing I have so much more to learn. Sounds like fun.

Ying031116Today was a day that I didn’t want to go outside. Looks of grey and wet discouraged me, but Ying coaxed me outside. I was worried that she was going to fall off the deck railing, but there’s no need to underestimate her balancing ability. Ying a-Ling can be a Ding-a-Ling if given the right motivation.

After a long, almost hour long hot bath, I put on rain pants and an old Northeastern Sweathershirt. I don’t know if I stole it from Phyllis Kossak or if she gave it to me. That was at least one life time ago.

Yes, it was wet and rainy, but it wasn’t cold as I walked around the property with the dogs while eating tangerines, throwing the peels in the blackberries for the birds to enjoy. I’m glad that I had my camera as there is a lot of flowering and growing and changing activity out there.

raspberry031116The new raspberries that I planted a few weeks ago or so are thriving in the wet. Strawberries as well. I’ve not had any more gardening motivation aside from planting seeds in my greenhouse.

appleblossoms031116With all of the white petals on the ground from the apple, plum, and Hawthorne trees, it looks like it has snowed. The littlest flower can be so beautiful. I hope I got lucky with some pictures. I often don’t know if the fifty to a hundred shots are good or bad until I download them. Gone are the days when you have to worry about making 24 to 36 perfect pictures, though when I went black and white, I could take more chances on the cost of film and developing, especially when I learned to develop them myself.

I was taking so many pictures that I was constantly looking up and down. Everything seemed to call out to me to “Look at me.”

somesortshroom031116Mushrooms remind me to think about symmetry and how perfect even the most imperfect  mushroom can be. I took a class with a guy at Lane Community College. I think he’s last name was Freeman; edible botany. I learned so much. I didn’t learn much about mushrooms so I consider them all poisonous.

I am thanking my lucky stars that I get to see my pain specialist. Lisa Albanese is the best. Looks like I get another great present on my birthday. It’s been so long since I have seen her that my back is a bit on the grouchy side, and after an eight-game tournament Sunday, I’ll be more than ready to see her Monday.

daffy031116I love the splash of yellow that the daffy’s bring. This generation is probably in it’s 50th year; I didn’t plant them. The people who lived in a farmhouse on the property a long time ago did before the house burned down. Someday I ought to do some research.

plum031116I thought I was going to take a nap on my day off, but I have read, written, blogged, emailed, face booked, bathed, walked, photographed, and played with dogs. In a couple of hours I’ll add bowling to the repertoire.

I had hoped to get to a thousand words in this blog, but since pictures are worth a thousand words, I’m way past my goal.





  1. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, how about just doing an all-picture blog? Maybe do a contest and ask the readers what you are trying to “say” with the pictures…

    1. This is a really good idea. Anything to kick me in the butt and take more pictures, though so many go unused. I probably take fifty pictures and use perhaps three or four of them.

  2. Have you ever tried going a whole day without saying a word? When I think about our dogs and cats, who only have one or two words, it boggles my mind to think how they can get through an entire lifetime without words and still get what they want!

    One time I kept my eyes shut from the time I got out of bed (this was when I had to shower, wash and dry my hair, dress and go out to work in an office every day 8-5… I kept my eyes shut for all the preparations until I got myself seated in my car… in the driveway. At that point, obviously, I had to open them to drive to work… but I did all the rest without seeing just so I could know what it must be like to be sightless…

    1. I have been on silent retreats. I do a lot of talking to the dogs, but I also do a lot of communicating with my eyes, especially Abby. If I look at her in a particular way, she’ll run and jump up on me. We have been having a great time playing lately. In Kip’s memory; he’s reminding me to not take my pups for granted.

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