Drowning in paperwork

I am a compulsive paper hoarder. Even school reports and grades found my soft spot.

After I graduated from Weston High School in 1978, I  was handed my entire academic history from Nursery School through high school. From time to time I’ll peek into the past and see what Mrs. Collins had to say about me when I was in fourth grade.

She was probably wishing that I would save more paper or at least look at the spelling words before the test. I wasn’t a particularly good or bad student. Not having a very long-term memory made things difficult.

It was probably in this class that I created a dissertation on Gerbils, AKA, the Kangaroo Rat. I don’t remember if I were allowed to bring one in, if not I probably gave my cause a fight.

I may have earned my first nickname; something like the Gerbil Whisperer. Did you know that  walnut shells make the best Gerbil car racing helmet? Attach a number to the side, and my Gerbils had style. Is this what you would call swag?

Of course, the only thing the Gerbil wanted to do with the half a shell was to chew it up. Chewing things up was their forté.

Now, it’s too bad I don’t have Gerbils now; this would be an ideal solution to my over paper population problem. Oregon Medical Group statements could be come bedding. As long as they had enough cedar shavings and Kleenex, they would have warm and cozy bungaloos, allowing the Gerbils to do the next best thing in their repertoire.

I guess you could say that Gerbils was the first thing I learned to hoard.

Paper. Why do I need to hold onto medical records. There’s got to be an easier way to keep track of how many times I have seen Lisa Albanese, my physiatrist, to stick me with acupuncture needles. It’s possible to actually use this information in my journal. Doesn’t take much time or thought to make a note that on August sixth, 2013 I had acupuncture for fifteen minutes. Wouldn’t take that much to note that a quarter of an hour costs just about a hundred dollars. And poof, just like that, this piece of paper wouldn’t be necessary and can  be added to the recycling pile. I suppose if I were to really be invested in record keeping, I’d say insurance was willing to pay  seventy-seven dollars. All of the lines about contractual adjustments from Pacificsource. Insurance companies are so good at creating puzzles with the dollars depending if they are coming or going. Separating out the seeds, the kernels of truth.

Perhaps I can convince myself to just recycle. I know it is possible to have the Powers That Be to print up every single visit I have had with Lisa, and perhaps tell me how many thousands and thousands of dollars I’ve thrown onto the bonfire, the pyre of my back pain.

Just another reason for me to begin to sift and sort and recycle. It can only do me good down the road. I tell myself this over and over. Every year I make similar New Year’s resolutions. I will exercise more and eat less. I will journal and blog on a regular basis. I pretty much have this down. I was pleased to see that my blogging numbers are up; I’ve written at least twice as many blogs this December as I did last year.

I know it is possible to be better organized, and I know that clutter gets in the way. It’s hard to sit back and listen to Preludes for Piano if I am thinking about Vacuuming. The Quick study folk are already thinking of ways to multi task and do both at the same time. I tend to use music more as a reward, especially if the listening comes with some sitting still and contemplating as long as I’m not dwelling on some task that I’ve not paid any attention to….

It is time to do some doing.



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