Dodged the

Bullet. I Dodged that Bullet. I was just about to send this blog to a friend in the guise of an email. This is heading into something more important. I didn’t realize until this moment that I had modes of writing in a ranking of importance and that these blogs are more important than e-mails. Toss-up whether my journals are as important as emails or visa-versa, though those two forms of writing are the same. Since all of my emails, coming and going are in my journal. Emails are like the great stuff in the middle of the sandwich. The roast beef and cheese. I enjoy writing to someone that’s going to read my writing, especially when I think of the positive influence I might be. Might not be. Might be. Worth a try.
Sometimes I copy and paste my blogs to my journal. So, it’s not really the notion of who is or is not reading what I write. Or maybe it is.Maybe I don’t know.
I know that I feel a sense of accomplishment when there are ten pages a day in my journal for the month. But when I get a blog written I feel as if a brick has been taken off of the wall. In some lives I build walls. Others I take them down. Sometimes I get the opportunity to build and take down the wall. Sometimes it’s just sheetrock, but if you have never taken a sledge hammer to sheetrock, you gotta give it a try. Talk about Anger Management.
I’m watching football. I loved this comment during a Monday Night Football game, “So and so isn’t on the field because he’s on the side line.” Some sportscasters should appreciate contemplative silence.
When it comes to watching football, I only mute the television when I get lost. Haven’t done that in a long time. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I know the GPS is wrong, and I really want to throttle the Ap when I realize a fifteen minute drive is going to take a half an hour and I’m usually already late. When are they going to invent an internal GPS.Would it be cool if you could search your brain for a memory or that recipe of the little triangle “horsey derves.” O’Eur de Something. I’d be able to spell that item of food you eat when it’s not a meal. I’ll remember it during tomorrow’s acupuncture treatment. Lisa will probably know and would write it down for me. If I remember, I’ll edit this post.
Don’t you just love those Murphy visits. I better not jinx myself by thinking that I haven’t had a visit from Murphy’s Law today. Does anybody know where Murphy’s Law came from. Who coined the phrase? How long has it been going on.
I thought I had more to say on the subject, but since I’m not really sure what that is, I better step aside and let more complete sentences pass by. Is having a slow speed limit good?
Sometimes words that I write are like vehicles and my mind is the speed gun. Instead of speed, I register ideas, but if the objects are flying in front of me too fast, I can’t grasp gist or words. Words matter.
Well, since the gist of of this good intentioned blog has dissipated, I will bid you a good night or morning.
I remind you that I would absolutely love it if you could respond to this blog. Were there parts you liked? Didn’t like? Anything funny? I like funny, but sometimes my humor is just a tad bit obscure that you won’t catch it unless you are looking sidewise. It’s that monocular vision I told you about. Maybe not in this blog, but a recent one.

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