Attention span issues

I blame curiosity for my attention deficit disorder. The thirst of knowledge causes abrupt distractions.
Just a few minutes ago I was reading an article, the name of which escapes me, but the first sentence threw me a curve ball.
Actually, it wasn’t an article but a novel by Ron Base. Haven’t heard of him? Neither had I. There is a dog drawn on the cover of this e-book that some how landed in my collection of free books.
And it wasn’t the first sentence but one of the first few paragraphs.
In the story, a Canadian museum was broken in and they described the building as:
“…two-story 1912 Beaux-Arts building.”
There are so many real estate agents in my family, I think that there must be a gene. Most readers would probably make a slight note or perhaps not even notice. Not me.  I have to know what Beaux-Arts is. My two years of junior high French support my knowledge that Beaux is a French word. But what kind of beautiful house is this and is the year 1912 vital? Does the style happen in 1922, the year of my parents’ birth?
Of course I looked at Wikipedia:
Beaux-Arts architecture (; French: [bozaʁ]) expresses the academic neoclassical architectural style taught at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.”
I  am the master of tangents and also realize that one rabbit hole leads to many more.  So, if not finishing the first page of the book I am reading for the second or third time,  a book whose title just abandoned me as I ponder words like Beaux and neoclassical, isn’t a big deal than I say dig on. If, and I am leaning in this direction, finishing Mr. Ron Bases book is my main goal, plowing ahead is my philosophy. Does anyone have any horse-blinders I can borrow?



  1. I am a lot like you – curious to a fault! I will be reading along happily and see something like a word or thought and then have to go investigate… maybe never getting back to the original task!

    My immediate translation for your Beaux Arts building was maybe that it was a museum of fine arts… don’t I remember beau being French for beautiful so beaux maybe be pleural of that? and arts are arts … beautiful arts? or as we have them here, fine arts? That’s how I would have translated it in my mind anyway… but of course, yours is more correct… (“more correct” ? did I really just say that?)

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