A Day In the

Life of a woman. More like some moments. Brief moments.

I was trying to write emails, but Abby The Labby Number Nine was very close at hand. A whisker from my left elbow. She hadn’t been there long. I looked into her chocolate eyes. Please was all that she had to say.

Yesterday’s non walking day wasn’t about to happen again, and least not in the near future. Who knows it might have been too cold for the dogs and that’s how I got away with it. Dog on lap while watching the rest of a movie would work for Veteran’s day was how I really got away with it.

I made the extra trips up and down stairs to find my large Canon camera. I tend to think highly of my observation skills, which is probably why I adore taking pictures.

I tend to let the dogs choose which direction we walk. Upon asking, their answers were obvious. Typically, I am a creature of habits and most of the walks around the property have a script thatwhich way111215 I don’t always pay mind to. Today wasn’t one of those days, but I remember thinking that with all of the changes between Summer and Fall, every day walking the same path always provides me with new pictures. New colors. I celebrate the color green; lack of rain and snow from last year made it seem as I would be surrounded in browns for the rest of my life.

Abby111215It wasn’t that long for Abby to give me a look that said let’s get the show on the road. You did mention walk, right? You didn’t say car? The dogs aren’t always very patient when I want to stare at something and waste time, which is what photography is to dogs. What, another mushroom? You’ve got to be kidding. This is the way my dogs treat me.

I shouldn’t complain. They do allow me to stay in bed way past their breakfast time, and they did give me yesterday off from walking. The day before I was so cold, I actually broke out the long johns. Tops and bottoms. Good thing I hadn’t gotten rid of any, though this would be the time to do such a good deed.

When it comes to colors, I tend to not like red and green together. But the colors really contrast each other.November122015 Anybody know of a good use for Hawthorn Berries? I have to watch Ricky closely while going through this area. He barely gave the wild plums much attention, unlike the girls, but he’s taken to these bright red haws. They are listed on edible berries, but I think I’ll stay paranoid..mushroom111215

And then I almost stepped on my first toadstool gathering. If I were ever to create a toad character, he or she would have to sit on a mushroom. Maybe by then I’ll know some fungi names. Or maybe not.

fern111215Speaking of Green, I have been pleased to see the Ferns making their way back from the summer. The summer was hard for them, but they seem to be taking it in stride.

clouds111215One of the things I most admire about my camera is that it reminds me to look up once in a while. Actually, it was probably the cry of a Kestrel that got my attention. I didn’t think I was going to be able to spot the bird.

There are some days where Lucy no longer joins us for a stroll or she’ll take a short cut and meet toward the end of the walk, but today she had taken the lead. I try to not think about it, but I wonder how many Falls does Lucy have left in her loveliness?Lucy111215



  1. I would not encourage dogs to eat stuff in the woods — especially mushrooms. I read recently about someone’s dog who ate a mushroom in his yard and the dog died! You just never know about that stuff. As for hawthorn berries, I wouldn’t think they’d be good for dogs – dogs typically swallow things whole (enter-mouth-go-straight-down-the-gullet) and those hard-ish berries might cause problems in the walls of the intestines… just my thought.

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