This Weekend Was Not

one of Rest and Relaxation. There wasn’t much R & R time to recharge my battery. If the opportunity presents itself, I just may take tomorrow off from subbing. Earlier this evening, I bowed out gracefully from accepting a guest-teaching assignment for a high school German class. I may have taken up to ten seconds to make that decision.

Four schools and four elementary grades in five days. Even during lunch, I felt as if the accelerator was maxed out every second I worked with the kids.

Sometimes I run into former students when I least expect it. Saturday night had me backed into a corner selling Kettle Korn at the University of Oregon football game. Not only didn’t I get to see any of the game against the California Golden Bears, but I was cold and tired and wanted to go home almost the second Ii got there. If I weren’t committed to this job that pays for my bowling, I wouldn’t have gone. Not in a heart beat, but it’s not even a choice.

This week has felt like a marathon and I’ve only been training for a mile at a time. I’m a bit winded. Instead of taking this past weekend to refresh and restart or reboot my systems, physically demanding activities clogged the hours. Friday night league bowling. I don’t think I bowled very well. Saturday, instead of sleeping late as par for the course, I was up and at ’em to participate in an all day choir retreat. We’re on the final push  before our first concert in December. I was a tad bit worried when my throat started to complain and we were just finished with the warmups. Part of the problem was not being able to stay awake..

The choir retreat is only a once in a great moon kind of event, so for it to be followed up with a University of Oregon football game where I sell Kettle Korn doesn’t happen that often. I was gone from my house, give or take an hour or so from nine in the morning to midnight.

My throat wasn’t the only thing that complained threatening to take my case to mis labor or something. My back was especially grouchy. Now that I’ve been planted in my green comfy chair for the past three hours, my back is grumbling.

Top the entire enchilada with eight games at Firs Bowl. Each game was long. Hard fought battle. I was trying to back off and line up in a fashion where I could not have to throw the ball so hard, but the only thing that kept me out of so many more disasters was my spinning ball. Slow ball speed and lack of rotation was a guaranteed disaster.

I do believe I have just convinced myself to take some down time tomorrow to recuperate.


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  1. Down time is good.

    We have been watching a PBS show (it just ended last night) called “Sing That Thing.” Chorale groups from all around here compete and they picked a winner out of the 4 winners of the groups last night. We didn’t see all of them, just the last few weeks. But we loved it. It was all acapella. Loved it. Yours must be similar?

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