I have seen the Einstein quote about insanity quite often. Yet, there are things that I keep doing the same way as if I really believe I could get different results.

Facebook friendships are my weakness. Maybe it’s the challenge to see how many friends I can get. Publish a book and hit all my friends up for a buck. That would be an amazing start.

I’m starting to bore with the predictability. A male without any Facebook Friend’s in common asks me for my friendship.

I ought to set the timer to see how quickly that newly found friend privately messages me. This newest one…

Chat Conversation Start
You’re friends on Facebook
Worked at U.S. Army
3 minutes ago


How are you doing today
It’s late. What’s up?

And thanks for accepting me as a new friend here okay
I have my doubts, but we’ll see.

Okay nice to meet you
So, what’s your angle?

Where are you from and how old are you if you don’t mind asking
Hmmm. You asked for a Facebook friendship. How about starting by reading my Facebook?
I don’t know if that was the end of the conversation. I thought it was rather funny. Kind of pitiful.
Why? Do I have to discriminate against males because 99.9% are fishing?
The worst offense new female Facebook friends seems to be trying to sell me something like handbags or something stupid and obviously doesn’t know me.
The other day I told these third graders that I had to clip my keys on my pants or I would spend the day looking for my keys. Mostly it gets the kids to look at my cute Koala Bear, though recent one child thought she was an elephant. I think I decided her name was Matilda.
I guess I better go peak in on the conversation I’m having. I no longer even remember his name…

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