Sometimes life lessons

Sometimes life lessons come from unexpected places.
Today i had the uncomfortable assignment of subbing for two different teachers, but two very different grades. Third. Fifth. Third again. I felt more like a fish out of water. Flailing as i tried to suck enough air inbetween my begging for them to not only stop talking but to pay attention. I can only explain how to round up a hundredth number. By the tenth time i am seeing astericks where there used to be a decimal point.
And even then i get “i don’t get it.” Do you think i can do a one on one and not have to stop and ask,  “why are you out of your seat?” Or, get interupted because one kid called another kid the R word.
One kid said another kid was being racist. I was afraid to ask.  The kid called him poop. How is this racist. The kid was black.
I had one boy yelling and slamming doors, insisting that everyone hates him for being British. I am sure his temper outbursts make him the life of the party.
I had an opportunity to talk to this young man. It saddens me to hear a kid say that none of his peers like him.
I told the kid that it took me a long time to learn how to like myself.  Once proved that i can support my endeavors on my own.
I talked with this young lad that he needed to be his biggest fan. Start to feel good about yourself, others will follow.


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