Mini Vacation

It was just Friday when I was forced to see life differently. Six days ago my eye sight took a back seat in my life’s routine. I could see enough to not walk into things, but that’s the extent to my visually acuity when my left eye is forced to take a vacation and the right eye is supposed to step in. I need a better temp agency.

By Friday night, the antibiotic drops cleared up the irritation and pain. I survived not being able to read or watch television. I could write just because I don’t have to look, but not being able to re-read the words are different than choosing to not edit.

This week has been a week of taking care of myself. We’re hoping that with an increase in numbers of acupuncture, I can experience pain relief.

I hope as taking the narcotic route isn’t working as well as it used to. It’s been a few years of two different kinds of morphine used to fight at the front lines, but the osteoporosis and arthritis is winning the war.

Dr. A. suggested that we mix it up with the drug regiment. Sure why not. Two like the morphine. One for steady use and the other one for breakthrough pain.

And of course, the transition between different insurances has me feeling as though I have stepped into a giant spider’s web. Pharmacy filled the Oxycodon script, but said they need Prior Authorization for the primary pain meds. Tennis anyone? Tennis is a cob web. Doctor said that they talked to insurance, and they said I didn’t need a PA, and that the drugstore messed up. Drat. So, back to the pharmacy. The pharmacy person said that I did need the PA, and it occurred to me to problem solve from the beginning. Which insurance were they billing? That’s where the problem sat.

One hundred and forty-seven dollars. Is this Oxycoton made out of gold? If I didn’t have insurance, the price for one month was over three hundred dollars. What choice do I have? These aren’t the times that I have to weigh the cost of something. Maybe the Mini Cooper won’t be getting the extra good stuff for a while.

My mini vacation is over. Close to twelve hours from now I’ll be entertaining a third grade class at my current favorite elementary school, Dos Rios in Springfield.



  1. I remember when my Mum was starting her throat cancer treatment, she needed a medication after she’d moved back up here so she could go thru treatments near her family (from Florida), and I took her in to a CVS to get a prescription filled… we waited for it while browsing around the store… and then they called her name and we went to get it… turned out it was over $700 for that one prescription (I can’t remember what it was for) but we just stood there both in total shock. She had to pay for it! She finally did after what seemed like an hour of being stunned… but this is how things are going these days… it’s sickening what the drug companies are doing to people in this country. Sick.

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