Some days I am quicker

Than other days.
Today is one of those better days. Today’s Wednesday Sudoku even only took two tries.
If I were a gambling kind of person, I’d put my wager that this acuity is the direct result of working with kids at Dios Rios/Two Rivers Elementary School. Elizabeth Cossin, you and the rest of the Springfield School District, are a lucky bunch as are the kids. If I had a Golden Apple, I’d award it to this school of being the best Elementary School that I’ve been to this school year.

I know I am not supposed to show favoritism to one school over the other, but I think as a Substitute Teacher, I might have that right. Schools have their favorite Substitute Teachers.

There are many outstanding schools that I’ve not been invited to, so I will hold the door open to another school to de-throne Dios Rios/Two Rivers Elementary School.

I really knew I was on my game tonight when I played Words Against Friends, I mean Words With Friends. My opponent, Osima, played Leet. This word opened right on up to a triple word. Ooh.  I tried an R, an I, and a C. Nope.  The C created the word Cleet, and according to Words With Friends, Cleet is not a word.  At least they were nice about it.

My next notion is to play defensively. How do I know that she’s not holding a letter that not only can add to the Leet, but get in on the triple word? The game was too close. After my offensive strategy, I thought defense. How can I block or Fleet or Sleet?

And then this little tiny seven-point word piped up in my head, which is more like a whisper. ILL isn’t a guarantee, but in order for Osima to take advantage of the triple word, she’d have to be able to use the i I played.

To Be Continued


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