Attack, Attack, Attack!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I have spent years trying to morph my skills as an athlete to that of a writer, to take the tenacity I held on the field, the ice, and the lanes. How can I be good, better, the best? As I have written, I’m confident that I’ve been practicing my writing all of these years, but I don’t feel ready.

I remind myself that there were many times that I would arrive at the lanes, carrying some confidence, feeling light on my feet to only find reality was like walking full speed into a door. Faceplant vertical-style. Even when I came in dead last, I would go home with the idea of trying again.

I have mentioned Sherrie Patterson-Goggins, my Life Coach. A month ago I started. I thought that this was going to be it, the beginning of my writing career. I really thought I was ready.

Each week I call  for an hourly chat. I’m really good about that. I’m spot on in my timing. But I’ve not been spot on with my homework.

There was one assignment where I was supposed to call ten people and ask them what qualities to do I bring to the table. I hate talking on the phone. I never do it. I was supposed to do it by the second time we talked, so a week. It took me three weeks to get it done, and I only got it done because Sherrie got tired of my bull and practically hung up on me. No, not quite, but she did tell me to make the rest of the calls and call her back.

It really wasn’t that difficult. The people I talked to were really nice and said some amazing things about me. In an earlier blog, I wrote a list of my essence words. These words are like the base to a really good soup. This is  who I am, and with you, my wonderful faithful blogging fans, and you know who you are, I want to celebrate the words.

My Essence Words:

Now is it time for me to become a best-selling author?


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