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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

stevienicksimageI’m blaming Stevie Nicks for my most recent pre senior moment. I had a blog all lined up, but once I started singing along with Stevie and Don, I was toast. All thought directed toward Leather and Lace. Pandora does great time following up with a great Fleetwood Mac song, though what songs of theirs aren’t great? We all have those “bad” things; some of us just happen to have more of it than others.

I love the drumming of “Go Your Own Way” and towards the end of the son, the percussion just swallows me up for less than a minute and takes me somewhere else.  jungle-journey-skip-nallJourney? I got this. don’t Stop Believin’ I may have to step aside and do some singing or at least moving around or perhaps just thinking. Up and down the Boulevard. Life’s gamble. And on and on it does go on, but I love every single note.

I may have just remembered in which direction this blog was supposed to move in. I had been emailing my niece Ruth when I realized that I had to steal what I was writing to her and use it as a blog. It was perfect at the time. And Pat Benatar is confirming that I’m going in the right direction. I melt when I hear Pat’s voice. Yes, you are the best that I have had. I don’t even regret the fight I got in during a Benatar. I’ve 20150224_165422_672711_benetarprobably told this story a zillion times. I was just lucky that I didn’t get my face punched in as I was very close to having this happen. This is what I was writing Ruth. I don’t recall anything too personal; I’m rather gifted in writing on the surface level for the most part; sometimes I take a dip and realize that writing is also a Battlefield.

I wonder if I’ll just stop watching the Red Sox one of these days since they are not playing for anything but the future. The future is important, having something to aim towards, but I’m working on keeping my head in the present, the right now. Worrying about whether I will work or not. We’ve only had one day of school, and Septembers do tend to be slow. I focus on not taking the quiet phones and lack of jobs as a personal comment. Yes, if I didn’t get a call all year to sub, I would not have to look hard at that message, but so far there are no messages to interpret.

Focus on Stevie Nicks and the guitar work in the Edge of Seventeen. Like the White Winged Dove. Love this song. And then suddenly there was no one standing in the hall.  As a writer, I struggle with staying in the present when my brain is trying to go to the past. What was I just about to write about? What was I in the middle of. Maybe I’ve put too much emphasis on paying attention to the things happening right now. Heart. Another song I like, but it’s not my favorite. Listen to Your Heart. Feels sappy. I can never not like a Ann and Nancy Wilson song, but I can have my not so favorite.

Yes, I did take my meds, but I’m still all over the place. And tonight I’ll be eating at a Chinese Buffett, so that’s fitting for today’s flitting all about.

Listen to my Heart. Why am I still watching the Red Sox? Every day one of the first things I do is check to answer all the who, when, what, and specifically for the Sox, why? Why did they put that pitcher in the other day that allowed four runs. Hasn’t he allowed runs every time he gets into the game. Has anyone checked to see if he’s getting paid by other teams or someone on a winning streak for beating the odds. Why is hie still on the roster? Aren’t there younguns itching to get to the big leagues.

Speaking of baseball, Does anyone know who the Eugene Emeralds baseball tame was taken as part of their farm system. They’d been supporting San Diego. There’s a lot of people who are big Bryce Peterson fans in this area. I may be misremembering, but he’s playing for the Atlanta Braves. It wasn’t that long ago that he played for the Eugene Emeralds.

No, I can’t stand Cindi. I may have to switch from Stevie Nicks back to soothing music. The Outfield doesn’t fit for me. I’m only using your love tonight, but I don’t want to lose it even though I just want you for a night? Nah. There’s got to be more to that, but I never stick around. Philip Phillips has admirable words. I want to surround myself with positive words and messages.

(Boston, MA, 09/08/15) Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Henry Owens and catcher Blake Swihart react after Owens   hit Toronto Blue Jays left fielder Ben Revere by a pitch in the first inning of the MLB game at Fenway Park on  Tuesday,  September  08, 2015.  (Staff photo by Matt Stone)
(Boston, MA, 09/08/15) Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Henry Owens and catcher Blake Swihart react after Owens hit Toronto Blue Jays left fielder Ben Revere by a pitch in the first inning of the MLB game at Fenway Park on Tuesday, September 08, 2015. (Staff photo by Matt Stone)

I can’t seem to erase the picture I saw of Owens, the young Red Sox pitcher. Poor Henry. I detected a look on his face that I hadn’t seen any other time he has been on the mound.

Wallace-and-gromitHenry Owens reminds me of the Gromit character. I can’t remember. Maybe if I keep writing, I’ll remember the something and Gromit, and I don’t know if that’s the correct spelling. You probably know…Wallace. Henry Owens. Poor Henry wore a kind of shell-shocked expression. Bewilderment. No big ear to ear grin. But the honeymoon is over; the realization that you make it to the top level; your dream has come true, and maybe it is nothing like you imagined. We see so much comrades in arms. Talk is of the magic of team chemistry, but losing teams are seldom awarded that chemical bonds. Perhaps at this professional level, people are all plugged into their individual musical gadget. Perhaps the older player is tired to breaking in the new kid, especially when it’s more than likely that that kid will be replacing you when you are sent to greener pastures.

No, this blog isn’t even close to where I had thought it was going to go…

We’re living in such different social groupings. I have thousands of Facebook Friends. I try to give some attention, but it’s impossible. I’ve never figured out how to get paid to write emails and poke people, but until then, there’s not much time to  spend on this. I’m seeking a more balanced life. There are problems in the way I have been doing things. Spending more time with Facebook Friends, people I don’t know, have never hugged, and might not even agree with, than with my real friends. The ones that can grab a cup of coffee, a beer, a game or two of bowling. I want to change the way I have been reaching out to people. I used to be very good at it, but I’ve been out of practice.

What a great quote to end my blog on: “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

I think I’ll end on the song: Say Something. A Great Big World. Love this song. How about you? If you have read this blog, please Say Something. Anything.



  1. Something.

    I have read this bog.

    My favorite part was Wallace & Gromit – love love love those two! Love their movies! In fact I’ve been meaning to buy some of their movies on DVD but haven’t yet. Have seen them already though. If you are a Yorkshire-a-holic like me, they are tops!

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