Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I have never had to pick out an insurance plan. How did I get so lucky to have made it to fifty-five and not have had to do this tortuous ordeal.

I am thankful that the Eugene 4J School District has invited me to join their health insurance plan. I’d be even more appreciative if they would pay the bill, but I’m not looking a Gift Horse in the mouth. I’ve never really understood that phrase. If you look in a Gift Horse’s mouth, they won’t give you any more gifts? And what are you looking for? If a Gift Horse has the teeth of a real horse, there are a lot of teeth and those teeth hurt. Just a little nip on my shoulder was all it took to get me a yelling.

I think I want to tell a story before I delve into the insurance, or maybe it just means I need to procrastinate some more. I know I’ll have more fun writing about the Morgan Horse Joe that my neighbor Jill Harvey had recently brought him back from college.

I had noticed that there was a strange shift in relationships since Joe joined Dominique. Dominique probably would never have agreed to share quarters with the big guy. I I’m not sure why I thought that Dominique hated  him. I sensed that Dominque was acting up because of Joe taking Jill away. She was doing things that was frustrating Jill. I gave Dominique  more time, and perhaps Joe didn’t like that or perhaps he was just being a young brat, but when he pinched me with his little bit, and then gave me the look to suggest that he had done nothing wrong. That wasn’t the last time Joe got the best of me. Several times just that summer. A summer so long ago.

I guess this story reminds me that if I want to create lots more of those memorable moments, I better get health insurance, though assurance is sold separately.

I had never heard of OEBB, Oregon Education Benefits Board. Now we know. If you stay with me, you may learn something that you never thought you would ever want to learn. I’ve no clue what a Moda is. I have seen the word Synergy before, and I do believe Synergy in my life will help.

I wonder what kind of budget OEBB had for art, as this book about Health choices is rather nice to look at. There’s a little birdie drawn on the word Welcome in the introduction. Even the quarter-size bullets announcing Log In / Re-enroll, Lower Your Deductable and OEBB Fitness Rewards look like they were done in water paint and are  artistic. Yes, I must be so desperate to avoid this task that I’m giving a commentary on brochure art.

I just realized that it’s after midnight and no longer Tuesday, so I think I’ll go to bed and work on this tomorrow.


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