Ask for what you want

A while back I wrote to my wonderful readers. I have many lurkers, which is great. As long as my numbers of following or reading or perhaps just looked at my blog, this means I must be doing something correctly. “Correctly.” Correctly has so many connotations. By whose standard? It is whose, isn’t it? That’s one form of correctly. According to the Grammar Gods, and there are plenty out there.

Let me put it clearly: I do not have one Grammar Gene in my entire body. It doesn’t come naturally. Spelling, for the most part, is natural. I love my internal phonics as I sound out the word I am spelling. Am I the only one that does that. when I am alone, I even sound it out so I can hear it. Can’t do that in public. Correctly is important in social situations as well as self interactions, which to me is what writing is. I get to hear what I have to say.

I suspect that the weather is influencing my verbosity. the wind to my left, not quite westerly, but could be if the wind can take a sharpish turn to come into the dome and into my left ear. Feels good. To the right I have my mellow heart mediation music going with a blue or scrub jay screeching about something. Probably fighting with the squirrels over the food. The plums. The Filberts. The Apples. The Pears. I didn’t see anyone fighting over the Fig.I’d be one of the last to fight over them. That’s probably the only fruit I don’t like. See I told you I was going to be going on a ride. Ready?

A while back I asked my faithful readers to rank my blogs. To tell me if it’s worth revising or if it’s ready for another dimension. I might have gotten a triple on one, but no one ever said I hit one out of the park or that it stunk up the place and was close to a strike out. I don’t allow strike outs in my version of Blogging Baseball. Maybe most of my faithful fans didn’t read that blog. That’s always a possibility.

I realize that I didn’t get the feedback that I was looking for because I wasn’t very specific of what I want. For example, if I want a birding lens for my camera, I have to ask for a specific brand and model. In terms of my blog, since grammar and technical writing are self-taught and only learned later in life, I would like feedback. Yes, I love sentence fragments. There are times I like to break the rules. But if it doesn’t work for the readers, it doesn’t matter how much in love I am with a sentence or a phrase or even a paragraph or even the entire thing.

I am so focused on getting my blogs better because I want to feel like I had even a slight chance at being published, though you and I know that the only way to get that feedback is to actually attempt to publish. When I first started blogging, I did it here and there. Now that I’ve grown into the idea that I have so much to say, it is time for me to find out where I stand.

For those of you who don’t have a Grammar Gene or just don’t care about the technical part, I have never directly asked to respond to what I wrote without labeling it good or bad, but did it capture your attention? That’s a judgment. There’s this habit I will break that says that all writing need to be critiqued and judged. Where did this rule come from? It certainly isn’t doing my writing any good. It’s especially bad for my mental health.

I know deep down that if I put the energy into writing and being published as I did in bowling, I’d be able to afford that high-velocity birding lens. I may not have made it to the top echelon in the PWBA. I was rather horrible on the National Tour, but I did get out of my comfort zone and do it. I even had to wear walking shorts and panty hose to do so. Talk about out of my comfort zone. I heard this voice tell me that you can’t get into the door if you at least don’t get a foot in. If I didn’t like the rules and regulations about panty hose, it’s a lot easier to change the rules while being asked to the party. It’s hard to change things when you aren’t directly involved. I learned this lesson the hard way, trying to kick doors down and not while wearing shoes of any kind. Maybe in the winter I wore soft slippers to kick at the doors, but there’s not much protection for my toes. Maybe this is why they are constantly dislocating.

I would love to hear comments, even just a quick word saying, I read this, but the statistics show me exactly what’s going on, and as I said as long as the numbers increase, I’ll keep doing this.


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