Baseball may not have a lot of action

But it sure has a lot of drama.

redsoxEspecially when My Boston Red Sox are playing against their arch rival. The hated New York Yankees, This is especially so since the Yankees are in contention for a playoff spot and the Red Sox are not.

The Red Sox may have the worst bullpen in all of major league baseball. The Red Sox are so bad this year, they don’t even count, as they weren’t mentioned in having one of the top worst bullpen. I did notice that Toronto was listed as having one of the worst bullpen, but it looks like it’s not hurting them as they sit in first place above the Yankees. Toronto Blue Jay fans you are welcome for the Red Sox to cover up for your loss.

Today’s game against the Yankees was a well-played game. The Red Sox didn’t fold Fenway_Park04and give up when the there were bases loaded. Three different occasions. And twice without outs. Doesn’t get any more dramatical than that, does it?

Tazawa was demoted from being the closure to being the set-up guy, and he filled in the outs without too much trouble in the eighth inning.

Going into the ninth inning, the Red Sox are holding on precariously to a two run lead over the Yankees. Red Sox nation are reaching for a touch up of their deodorant. Number 64, Jean Machi comes in from the bullpen and gets a strike out. His fast ball is working and the splitter is his bread and butter. Heater. Heater. Splitter in the dirt. Runners advance. The Yankees have the tying run in scoring position. Go ahead at the plate. One out. Top of the ninth.
Machi2-2 count. Walk the bases loaded. I’ve almost yelled at the television as if my Mitsubishi had something to do with the Yankee runners. The commentators are talking about how the pitcher struggled in San Francisco. The Giants waived him; didn’t want anything to do with him. The Red Sox were desperate and picked up this giant man with great velocity, but not such great control. What magic did the coaches in Boston think they would do to cause Jean to become the unsurmountable force he was a couple of years ago.

JeanmachiI will want to turn the television off if he walks a run in. Machi does, but I don’t. I’m going to ride the horse to the very end. The Red Sox were home, so they would have that chance to do some walking off miracles if Machi doesn’t hold onto the lead. But he does finally get the last out and get his fourth save of the year. Red Sox Nation can sleep well tonight.



  1. I could not listen to the end of the game. I tuned in after it was over and heard we’d won. I said “yay” and went to sleep. all the in-between gnawing of knuckles was eliminated. The sox are responsible for a lot of gnawing of knuckles this year!

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