Backwards or Forwards.

I always pull in to park. When I get to slide ahead and skirt the responsibilities of backing up at all.
I have always hated backing up long before I backed into a speeding Camry
As I sit in the Subaru Forester in the parking lot of Cottage Theatre in Cottage Grove, I notice that most of the cars in the lot. It takes so much longer to up into a spot. There is all of this wiggling and dancing to to, pulling in and out a few times before that target is but.  Sylvia doesn’t believe me. She alway back’s up. 
Do geographic locations predict the characteristics and probabilities of backing up. 
Not only does it take more time,  but being in someone’s way is very likely.  And if they are seniors doing the backing up,  you got some waiting to do.
For the last half an hour I have been watching and collecting data except now I have two characteristics that are the indicators of who and who does not back their vehicle into a parking spot, especially the out laying spots that are only one car wide.  Small country folks or senior citizens?


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