Prescription Glasses

me on 8-7-15 at 11.30 AMI don’t like my new eye-glasses. They are heavy and uncomfortable. Most of the day, they are parked somewhere other than on my face. It’s not like I tend to wear my glasses. When I am not working, they are parked somewhere else. I try to put them in the same place, but more often than not, I end up spending time playing Hide And Go Seek with my glasses. I got into such a bad habit of hiding them on myself that I had to bring older prescriptions back into rotations, like needing to call the bullpen. I can go back for just so far; the ones that are really old don’t do me any good. I’m thinking of taking an old pair that’s prescription is so outdated, I might as well not wear glasses, and put the new prescription in. All of my glasses up to now have been comfortable, but this year I decided to cut some costs. I won’t be doing that again, but then again, maybe I’ll just use the old ones; it’s not like I’m one for style. I’d have no idea what’s in style. Even those horned-rimmed glasses have come back.

This blog had been sitting in my draft folder. I’m not sure where I was going with it, but I’ve seemed to hit a dead end.



  1. All my life I never had to wear glasses. Then at around the age of 35 or so, I couldn’t read stuff clearly so got reading glasses. Then I couldn’t see some things at a distance, so had to get bifocals. Also a pair for reading only and a pair for driving only. Way too much money was spent. I now seem to need to wear glasses on my face most of the time if I want to see anything clearly. Except for the TV… I don’t need them for that. But I do need them for typing on my laptop and for reading recipes or box labels in the kitchen… and another pair for reading books. I hate glasses but have become addicted to them out of necessity. I buy the over-the-counter reading magnifying glasses and have those at every spot around the house where I am liable to read something. At last count, that would be at 4 locations on the first floor level and at 3 locations upstairs.. 2 in my bedroom alone… one by my old desktop computer and one next to my bed on the night table. Actually make that 5 downstairs as I have two pair in the reading room – one in the pocket sleeve on my chair and one on the table beside my chair on my book.

    Let’s just say I do not have to go far to find my glasses! I also have some in my purse and a pair for driving in my car, but since I hardly ever go out anymore, those very rarely get used.

    I think there’s a conspiracy by the ophthalmologic profession here somewhere…

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