Figuring out the “How To’s” of blogging while fighting sleep is a dangerous combo

20150804_012109Why am I so fixated on writing this blog that I’m fighting off sleep? I’m telling myself that the sooner I just dig in and get it done, the sooner I can go back to sleep.

Lovely Lucy enjoys sleeping under the stars, listening to the constant sound of Cicadas and a perhaps a Great Horned Owl. The Who Whoo’s were too far away for me to somewhat identify. the caller.

Things did start to clarify. As clearly as one can see at two in the morning. I’m so close to going over the edge, all it would take would be a Flexeril.

My back must be jealous that I have been ignoring the it and pushing through. Pushing in a good way, not a destructive way. Had a great talk with my physiatrist. Bex, are you impressed or what? I’ve so enjoyed my stay at the Benson Health Clinic. Lisa Albanese is the main reason I switched from Oh My God. Lisa had been my pain specialist while my primary was with OMG, but she moved to Bend.

face_lisaWhen I got wind that she was back in town. Actually, she’s bouncing between Bend and Eugene. She says it’s not making her crazy and is enjoying it At least that’s her response when I ask. Dr. Albanese was straight forward with me about the opiates I’m taking and the way I am cheating myself of quality time when I don’t have to. My sometimes schedule is not cutting the mustard. Pain management. I know this subject to death. Yet, I keep doing it. I do know the definition of insanity.

As I yelled Lucy’s name out the bathroom window, I noticed the orange blur of a moon. Instead of retreating back to bed, an adventure awaited. Maybe more.

I’ve decided that I must really like the game hide and go seek. I spend a lot of time playing the game. It is as if I deliberately hide my eye glasses, and I have three different pairs in circulation. When I am using a pair that’s close to ten years old, I know I’m desperate. I play the game with my cell phone as well. I don’t seem to misplace my wallet; it’s got a home. My glasses have a home as well, a few homes, which is where the problem lies.

It’s late. I’m fighting sleep. I’ve fallen asleep a few times while writing.moon080415


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