A little round of applause


I already know that this blog probably is not going out of the infield, though it did turn out better than I predicted. Maybe I will advance the runner or runners. It is eight o’clock, so in a way in this proverbial blogging baseball game I am still making up rules, I am running out of innings for the day and I need proverbial runs. If you are as confused as me,  ask. I can muddy the water very quickly.
My intention is to write a blog every day.
I like what Brandon Burchard, and I will get back to you later to confirm the self-help motivational speaker.  I use a lot of his quotes.  When I first saw a picture of him,  I was floored how young he looks and probably is. He is so lined up,  so in-tune.
I have always said that I refuse to grow up.  I have stuck to the philosophy, and where has it gotten me? I am not living my possible life. I am not supporting those around me to do the same. 
I keep talking and writing and saying I am going to. …What a load of crap. I’m gonna blame that philosophy on not growing up. I have changed my mind.  I now realize that there is nothing wrong with growing up, especially when not doing it isn’t working. I just refuse to grow old.



  1. I used to say the same things… I am NOT growing up OR old… but since I passed the age of say, 62, it’s all been different. I feel “up” and I feel “old” so I know I’ve grown UP and OLD… for sure. I admit it. No kid stuff anymore. Except when a thunder & lightning storm rolls thru here, which JUST happened a few minutes ago and my husband is NOT here and is probably out on the water on his boat!!! That’s when the kid in me reappears and I head for the basement with the dogs to escape the scary lightning and loud thunder claps!

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