Earlier today,  I published my 20th blog. Whoop whoop. I’d do a selfie, but I am in my tub and that would just be creepy or dorky depending on your perspective, I heavily lean in the extremely creepy position, but that is just me.

As my two hundred and first blog, I am thinking that I need a new pitch or perhaps need to learn how to hit a curveball. Or anything. Why settle on being able to hit one particular pitch? Especially when I originally was going to write change-up since that is more metaphorical of my life. Why not learn how to hit a slider, a cutter, a one, two seamer? The scary part of this blog is that I actually understand how those pitches work. My hands have always been small,  so success only happened while playing Whiffle Ball with the Cliftons. He’d Clifton. Jon Clifton. Hey, Sara Clifton Duquette, did you ever play whiffle with me and your brothers? I can’t rely on my footage. Lots of holes in the film of my life.

201 blogs. What does that have to do with hitting different pitches? I will be changing things up in bloggville. I want a new page.  Don’t know how to do that yet,  so keep posted.

Now I have remembered the baseball connection. It had nothing to do with pitching and all to do with pitching.

I see this second century of blogs as just the beginning, which thankfully blog time is faster than chronology. Doesn’t matter how many times I have cheated death, I can’t push to two decades. Just twice my years is a joke.

The beginning of hits. The first two hundred blogs were like batting practice. Some might have been good hits, maybe homers, but the majority were singles. Some foul. But anytime I blogged that meant I didn’t strike out. The best part about Blogging Baseball or Baseball Blogging is I never get out.  There are no fielders, so once the proverbial baseball is in fair territory, it is a hit. I almost wrote that not having to run would be the best part of, but I miss being able to run.

Even squibblers, slow ones to the mound, count as singles.  Singles are okay,  but only to a certain point,  and 201 is that point.

I will have a new blog for batting practice blogs, like this one.  And then I will have another blog for works in progress. This is where my fan-base comes in. Bex, you and I know this means just you, but I hope in a blog or two, not 200, this will change.  I got a good feeling.

Anyway, and hopefully if Bex gets on board, after I blog in batting practice, also known as b.p., Bex and whoever, will tell me if hit a single, double, triple or home run. Maybe a foul ball. Close to the line. If a blog scores a double, I will move it to the in progress. I will kick it around and see if some nurturing can help.

Of course triples will get more attention than doubles. The third blog page I will learn how to make will be publishable, and from there I see if I can peddle it somewhere.

What do you think Bex? Is this blog a single or double? Don’t worry,  there is no crying in Blogging Baseball.



  1. Well, in the beginning of this blog you wrote that it was your “20th” — which I’m sure must be a typo… so go fix it! Otherwise, I’d say this is a triple… I can’t figure out why I missed this entry??? I just clicked on it now by mistake and found it. My fault I’m sure. I am just coming “down” from the adrenaline my body produced due to a recent thunder & lightning storm that rolled across the North Shore of Boston… so I’m still a little jittery.

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