Too Hot! Trip to library

I was out on the deck transplanting a plant when Sylvia declared that it was too hot to stay in the dome, and we had to go somewhere. Anywhere. An earlier attempt on going to the coast failed as Sylvia couldn’t find lodging for the dogs and us. Us and the dogs. You get the point.
20150731_170328Sylvia convinced me that the cooler basement was perfect for the dogs while we were gone.  Not sure why I was against her request. Sylvia assumed the dogs would gravitate towards the loft, the hotel part of the house. Lucy especially.  If  probably would not occur to her to migrate somewhere cooler. Lovely Lucy.

I did feel a pang of guilt for leaving the dogs, but the basement was the best location. If we were just driving around with the air conditioning, dogs on board would great,  but I will be one the last person on earth to leave an animal in a hot car. In the ideal world, public libraries would accomodate canine customers. Or perhaps a place with pools would be better than the library. Heck, if I ever get my act together, I could have dog pools at the dome. …

The Subaru Forester must have been glad to move off the hill and into some cooler temperatures.

Off we went. Plan A was to go to the Eugene Public Library. This is something I don’t Sylvia20150731_170402remember us doing in quite a long time.

The part that I enjoyed was being the passenger and getting to see the World through the lens of my camera. A tourist in my own town.

20150731_170444Chambers is the big descent. It’s what keeps me off of my bike. It the winter time, it’s what I avoid if there’s snow or black ice on the road. I sure wish there could be a little less heat and a little more cool. But if that were the case, I wouldn’t be on this nifty little trip to who knows where. Yeah, I know we were heading to the library, but mystery trips sound so more exciting.

20150731_171809I take Eugene for granted. It’s been my home for almost half my life. Everything is at the halfway point. I’ve been with Sylvia for 27 years, cancer free for 27 years. I’d like to think that I’m not exaggerating by saying I wish I were at just the half-way point in my life. Just is a word I try to avoid, but I like it in this wish.

I’m just realizing that this is the first time I wished I would live into the 100s. The way my body’s been aging ahead of schedule. Bones of a seventy-year-old. I have never wanted to live to be that old.

And on to the library we went. By the end of Chambers, the air conditioning was working well and I felt like a dog with my head out the window. Car Trip? I’m there. I’ve Chambers073115not left the house very since returning from True Colors seminar. I hadn’t realized that I was housebound. That’s two revelations in one blog!
The mere small patches of shadow on the asphalt give me hope of escaping the oven. I  had not realized that they were expecting a high of a 105. Holy Tamoli. Tomoly? onwaylibrary20150731_171514Tomole? Someone, anyone, please help me out with this one. I’ve said it. I’ve heard it. I don’t recall seeing it written or read it.

Dang it. I gave Sylvia some bad suggestions and we ended up on a road that wouldn’t 20150731_171608let us go the direction we needed. A few years ago I went to the library every five weeks. This trip would have been just the second for the year. It was neat seeing this building. Reminds me of Europe. So, around the block, here and there we went. It was after all all about the journey, right? Sylvia had remembered that the library was having some renovation going on and the parking garage would be closed. 20150731_172137She wasn’t willing to walk in the heat and 20150731MiniCooperwas just about to suggest plan B when a parking spot appeared in front of St. Mary’s Church.The best part was what was parked behind u
s. I wonder if I’ll ever fall out of love with Mini Coopers? I hope not. Every time I see one, my heart zings a little. Sounds a little weird. But that’s okay. I’m starting to learn to love my weirdness. It is about 20150731EugPubLibtime. We got to the Eugene Public Library in about five minutes. Coolness awaits us. Free stuff also awaited us. The EPL does a summer reading thing where you can sign up for a twenty dollar gift certificate, a dollar off of a coffee, and a cool wrist USB bracelet. It goes so well with the very large Eugene Public Library tote bag. This may be a very good reminder to back up my computers. Note to self: Get on this.
The entry into the library. Breath taking. Nirvana. The library was busy,  but Sylvia and I managed to find two comfy chairs. I set down to finish some blogs.  Sylvia read and nodded off.

I was going to write about the great places we went after the library like Off the Waffle and Tsunami Books, but it is time to put this blog to bed.

We weren’t at the library very long before they closed. Neither of us had looked at the closing times.  Now what. Neither of us were hungry yet,  though hunger was lurking in the background.




  1. You guys are so hysterical! You go to all that trouble to get to the Library and then Sylvia “nods off” in a comfy chair! And you finish your blog. So really, the only thing the Library had that the Dome didn’t have was cool air!

    You Need AC units at the Dome! C’mon you guys! Climate change! We are heating up on this planet… it’s not gonna get cooler anytime soon, except in winter!

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