Twelve minutes

Between trying to find my glasses and trying to reclaim my house, I’ve been looking at things closely. I wouldn’t have opened this envelope, and I’m glad that it didn’t take more than twelve minutes on hold to do so.

Before going to Europe last month, I tried to clear the decks of all chores that needed to be done like paying bills. One bill got the payment rejected. I didn’t do it, and then I did know about it but chose to ignore it for a little bit.

Today was a good day to not ignore it any longer. Forty-two dollars and nineteen cents doesn’t seem like it warrants the collection agency, but those sub fifty dollar bills do add up quickly.

I called. The first six minutes weren’t so bad, but the ads were really faint that I couldn’t hear what as being sold to me. After six minutes I started to walk around my house. I found my glasses. The lost glasses is what caused me to clean up my kitchen desk; what caused me to open the envelope, I don’t know. Good fortitude? Maybe that motivation or MoJo will cause me to clean the floors.

Twelve minutes really isn’t that long to wait. I was able to get other things done. Melissa, the person that helped me, was very nice. I think the transaction took under two minutes and the matter was a done deal. I sure wish the other aspects of life were that simple.

Found my glasses and then found my missing wallet. I’m not sure if emptying the dishwasher will even make the list of the things I have gotten accomplished today. Three little blogs do count.



  1. So glad to hear you found the wallet. That was bothering me! I would have climbed the walls if I’d lost mine. I did lose it once – in a book store… just set it up on the (high) counter and walked out with my big bag of books, went across to the food store and did a week’s worth of shopping, went to pay at the cash register and no wallet! Had to load all the food up in the basket again and freak out for a minute and leave my food and basket in the store and re-trace my steps back to the book store and lo-and-behold, the woman had it there at the counter! Nothing missing either. I lucked out! AND, when I got back to the store, my basket full of my carefully chosen items of food was still there, untouched.

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