Élisabeth Thible

A wide range of blogging ideas have been circulating and perculating. I still have pictures from Europe to meander on about.
I thought I was going to blog about the present, I tried to take the dogs and Ying for a walk. Abby the Labby Number Nine, AKA Pain in the butt, was pestering me. Not much worse than a bored and restless dog.


A walk was announced, setting Ricky, Lucy, and Abby off. Tigger the tiger wannabes.
I set off to get the newspaper. The digs are so good that I can leave the gate open, and they won’t leave. They are not angels, so if left untended, this doesn’t mean they won’t greet passers-by. But they won’t go far. We have forgotten to close the gate or latch it; as long as I am home,  they stick nearby.
While I was in Europe, Joyce W. had a hard time keeping Abby on three right side of the fence. She had to engineer a fix to prevent Abby the Digger from escaping. Maybe in a previous life Abby was imprisoned at Alcatraz, and maybe in that body at that time tried to escape. Maybe he, and I am only switching genders because I don’t think there were women at Alcatraz. How many tangents can I afford to take?
I was correct  in my thinking that there were no women on the island of Alcatraz. A hundred and one facts about Alcatraz noted that some men didn’t hear a female voice for over twenty years.
Tangents cause me to shake my head to remember what I was supposed to be writing about.
I only have 19% battery left on my cell phone and I do eventually have to get out of the bath tub. I  am  more than content. My back is comfortable and not complaining.
Mike Strickland is playing the piano in the background.  Soothing.


In a while I will have to change mind sets and shift gears for softball. Do I have a choice in what personality will show up for the game. I would like to have confidence and trust in myself to field the ball and have fun picking where I want to hit the ball. I know that when I try too hard, the outcomes aren’t so great. There is a fine line between thinking about what I need to do and allowing muscle memory to take over. I have had the repetitions. My fundamentals are solid, at least they were when I was young. Retrieving those old files is the key.
And if that doesn’t happen, I know having fun and not getting hurt are the most important things to focus on.
Élisabeth Thible’s blog will have to wait.



  1. Who the heck is Élisabeth Thible?

    Now I’ll have to google it/her.

    How can you write a blog while IN the bathtub? Do you have a shelf that goes across the tub? I would think that would be a not-so-great place for a computerized gadget in case of water infiltration or, indeed, total dunking!

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