Do words come first or the picture?

July 1, 2015

Most of the time when I write, text comes first; but sometimes the picture comes first. It’s the picture that directs me when I go off on tangents. I’ll try to keep the extraneous rabbit holes to a minimal amount, but I don’t necessarily have a choice. Do you know what I mean?

I love new months. For my journal, I think of the opportunities to break records. Writing records. Page counts. Word counts.

I must have been a professional athlete in a previous life as I have to have statistics. If I can make a game out of the basic routines of life, I’m going to create one. June’s journal of this year almost hit three hundred pages. Darn, so close. The best part is I smoked last year’s count. Of course blogging has helped my page count, especially since I didn’t blog if at all last June. Not sure why. Writing is that thing that comes and goes. Sometimes goes more than sticks around.

More statistics. I suspect that a challenge in repeating last July has thrown the gauntlet down. I lost track while waiting for the document to surface after it reached two hundred. That’s been a few hours ago or so. 258 pegs is going to make me put writing into a different gear. First gear won’t do it. Ten pages a day has been the ultimate goal. I’m doing great today, and considering it’s still the first, I’m making up for those blank times. Some months are like that, ending up gardening, cleaning, reading, sleeping, playing with the dogs. All of those things can get in the way of writing. How much time do I spend getting warmed up to get the grease going in the gears. I can’t necessarily expect that I start off in third or fourth gear. Sometimes starting in neutral is a good place.

Most of my journaling depends on how much time is on my hands. I savor those days when I don’t have anything on the schedule. This gives me a chance to write a lot, but in small increments. It all changes as the day progresses and what my duties direct my direction. The only thing that I’ve done in addition to writing and playing on my exercise for my back is sort socks. We have more socks than two people ought to have. It  takes an act of congress to get a pair pitched.

I better get the picture in before I go into the twelfth hole.


We’re doing our best to stay cool. Ricky. Abby. Lucy. And I. Sylvia’s in an air conditioned office. None of us go outside unless it’s a dire emergency. Lucy is the only one who has braved the heat, but she’s got the best coat to be out there. Abby doesn’t go out very often. Too black. Abby070115

I’ve been walking around the house interior to get walking in since I can’t walk the property. If the dogs aren’t too hot, they walk with me, but mostly they are just puddles and I just say hello to them as I do my laps. When I saw The sun light on Ricky’s coat, I had to stop and get the Camera.

As I said, there are some things that are out of my control and when I suspect a dog is being cute, they ought to be rewarded. Don’t you agree with me? This is probably why I don’t get much done around the house. Every time I look around, there’s another belly to be rubbed. I’ve never had three dogs that liked bellies. I don’t think Jules liked bellies. As sweet a boy Jules was, Ricky is so much cuddlier; he’s so much needier. I would have thought that Ricky would be past this stage since he’s been with me for three years, but maybe he just has me trained.

Instead of gardening this year, I’m cultivating the house; I think that’s the word I want. I’m not planting, I’m just getting the beds ready. I have way too much stuff, and I think it is going to take the entire summer to get under control. I hope to get it completely done before my sister Deb and B.I.L Michael come to visit. Was it next summer or the summer after that? Having Deb spend her 60th birthday in Eugene would be a great idea. Okay, so I was worn about planting seeds. Deb, what do you think?

I’m way past my thousand word mark, which means I better wrap it up. I have only three minutes before the dogs need to eat, though Ricky hasn’t been eating because of the heat.

This house has got the better of me for the past few years and I’m determined to take it back. I used to have Christmas parties and birthday parties, but years have gone by without that tradition carrying on. traditions are hard to keep up.

I have noticed that I’m much more apt to sit down and write if I feel good about a room. This does sound obvious, doesn’t it, but there have been a lot of things that have been deluding me these past fifty-five years. Take away those five or so years that I wasn’t in much control of things. Might be more than five years as I’ve had those phases here and there and now.

Different kinds of music will inspire me to do different things. Phil Collins is one of those musicians that makes me want to type along. Others make me change the channel. At least with Pandora,  they mostly play music I like. Chicago was my last thumbs down, and it was one of their later sappy songs. Most of Chicago I love, but there are a few that I can’t stand.

My favorite game is to guess a song before too many notes come on. Kenny Loggins has one song that I swear I get in just a couple of notes. He sings with Stevie Nicks and that gives me goose bumps. Day by Day. I wish I could sing as high as Stevie Nicks. background.  I’ll always call you friend. Great solo. Is it a sax? I love it. This is probably my favorite song of all time or close to it.

The Kenny Loggins duet is a rare song. Most of the time, a song comes on and I either know the name of the song, the artist, or just the words. Sometimes I know the words, and am totally floored when I see the artists. Names I’ve never heard of.

One of the things I enjoy in reading my old journals, especially the thirty or so years, I compare music notes. Music has been my safety net.

I try to guess who the singer is or the song before too many notes. Yup, just another game I play during the day. Pandora has all sorts of things mixed in with Kenny Loggins. I don’t quite have it. The more and more instruments that come in, the likelier that I’ll figure it out. Sometimes I have to listen to the voice. But sometimes the words don’t even help and I have to run to the source. No one knows where you are going. You belong to the City. I’m going to kick myself when I see…

I was wrong. I know this song so well, but Glenn Fry wasn’t on the radar. No matter how many times I try to stick Bill Withers name in my brain as there’s a song that I really like, but his name just won’t stick. Kansas. Chicago. Eagles. Cold as ice. I ought to know this, but It’s probably one of the tough ones for me. Foreigner. Maybe I’m going to guess Journey. Darn it. So close.

At least when I came up from feeding the dogs dinner, I knew immediately Kenny Loggins was singing. I know that he sang about his dad, but I don’t think that this song is. Remember. Forever in my heart. Makes me think of my dad. Anyone know the name of the song or who he was singing to. Great buildup. I’m softy for songs with a lot of percussion. I may have to make a trip upstairs and find out for myself. Forever. Such a sweet song.

I’m not at the end, but a cool bath is calling my name. Hall & Oats don’t necessarily give me earth-shaking ideas. Next time.

Maybe later it won’t be too hot to play.Abby and Ricky070115



  1. I can’t take baths any more. I’ll never be able to get out of the tub again once I’m down in it. I’d kill for a nice bath, hot or cool, doesn’t matter… but no-can-do. I am old and feeling even older these days. Life has thrown me for a loop… when I read your blogs/emails, I can hardly keep up. I need more simplicity in my life now-a-days, and you seem to be on the fast-track all the time and going faster and faster… like a speeding bullet! (faster than a speeding bullet – more powerful than a locomotive – able to leap tall buildings at a single bound…)

    I have the very first complete series of the Superman TV shows with George Reeves… Paul smirks when I put one of them on after supper… but once we are into them, they are enjoyable…

    1. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a bath. My grandmother used to fight with me and baths. Now I’m so willing. The warm water helps my back. Maybe in the next life I can have a pool. It might be too late to dream about one of those wave pools.

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