Concert in Park

Sunday,  June 28, 2015
Music in the park. Washburn Park. Sylvia’s New Horizons band is playing.
It. The yappy neighborhood have finally settled down. It to


ok three songs for the wood wind instruments to get the squeaks out. March for Moderns is being played. Moon River is the only song I recognize out of eleven.
Ammerland is being played now. I am not sure if or why it sounds familiar. I am enjoying it. Maybe it’s the snare, such a steady beat.
Rearranging for The Blue and the Grey. The director is quizzing the audience to see if we can guess which were Confederate or Union. We didn’t do such a great job. They must have gone through many drum and fife players.
Thec only song I recognized one the Blue and Grey was the one of yellow roses. I am remembering correctly, aren’t i?
I imagine those who died during the Civil War are on their feet saluting whatever flag they followed and protected with their lives. Young people throwing their lives away, but if one gets passionate for something you believe in whole heartedly, life and death take on a new meaning.


This is a great place to watch a concert. Rain was predicted, but the magic of New Horizon must have a good tincture to keep the rain at bay.


I don’t want to insult the rain and make it go away.  We need the rain. My Strawberries need the rain. I could use the rain. I don’t feel guilty for being inside when it rains, but the ought pester me when I am inside and the sun is out. I need Vitamin D, but I mostly need to find order in my home. I have this little voice in my head that  say
I will get a lot more accomplished in my life if my work space is tidied up. Perhaps I wouldn’t so scatter brained. Not as many tangents down odd rabbit holes, though I tend to find tangents very entertaining.
They did a great job with Moon River. Brand new players play along with experienced players. A good time is had by all, musicians and spectators.




    1. I’ll play around with the photo and enlarge that area; she was on the right, my right, playing the French horn. I think her hat was green, but she was on the outside of the last row.

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