Time is of the essence

Infinity-Time1-1024x611I am not an early morning person. Being a teacher goes against the grain; being a substitute teacher is even worse as many times I’d get a call at six in the morning for a last minute assignment. In the ideal world, school would start around ten. I could even handle nine. Having to be at school at 7:30 is so hard for me.

While traveling around Europe just recently, I was extremely excited since it was my first time traveling, and being a homebody, this was an experience of a lifetime. At first I blamed jet lag for my troubles getting out of bed, but even after that, I still had a hard time getting out of bed. Nothing out of the norm. Sylvia, God Bless her patient soul, would get up, and then do her best to gently motivate me to get out of bed. The first week we had a tight schedule and had to get up somewhat early, but once we got to Germany, the schedule allowed me to resume sleeping in a little.

We flew back just this past Monday. I was so tempted to drive from Portland to Eugene, but once landing at my friend Heidee’s, I realized that it wasn’t wise to drive the two hours after flying all day and dealing with an eight hour time difference. I was so tired, I ended up taking a nap before dinner and after dinner.

Tuesday I was out of bed before seven o’clock. I was so excited to see my puffs, my grown up pups. Being away from my dogs was the only hard part of the trip, and I wanted to see them badly. I missed my dogs probably more than they missed me, though there’s a lot of me that thinks this isn’t true.

Yesterday I resumed my summer schedule and began weeding my strawberry patch. The garden has been neglected for the last month, and it is so overgrown. Unfortunately with the ninety degree temps, I wasn’t able to get that much done. I expected jet lag to kick me in the butt, but it never did.

This morning, I was out of bed before six o’clock. The look on Sylvia’s face as she saw me in the kitchen so early was priceless; her jaw practically hit the floor. I sure love clichĂ©s. I wanted to get more of the strawberries weeded and realized that I needed to get outside before the heat increased. The fifty something temperatures were delicious and very inviting.

Strawberries hiding in tall grass
Strawberries hiding in tall grass

I did make progress with the strawberries, though I have so much to do. I don’t mind weeding, but in this case, the grass roots are so wound around the roots of the strawberries that I basically have to dig the strawberry plant up and tease the roots apart; it doesn’t help that the ground is really hard and have to use a pick ax.

Once the sun heat up, I had to retreat inside. I’ve enjoyed time writing, reading, and even cleaning. I’m really jazzed to get things in order. Perhaps the vacation has refreshed, reset my attitude. If this is all that it takes, I’ll have to take another vacation!

I tried to go outside around six to do more weeding, but it is still too hot out there. I wonder if I’ll be motivated to get up early tomorrow and get at it?strawberries and grass061015


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  1. I wish I liked to get up early. I did get up and out to work very early for all my adult life and I always didn’t like it. Now that I’m retired, I sleep as late as 8 or 8:30 and feel guilty but I do it anyway. If I don’t get out of bed until 9 I feel positively criminal! I think if I didn’t have dogs, I would feel less guilty.

    Do the gardening in the early cooler hours. We are in a heat wave here too right now. Ugh.

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