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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

5:02 p.m.

We were spoiled while in Europe. I never did learn Celcius, but I knew delicious temperatures when I felt it and it didn’t matter if the temps were recorded in F or C. A few showers. Never needed to convert my pants to shorts, though I also never had to put long johns on. Now that we’re back in the Northwest where a heat wave is going on.

Greenhouse Effect
Greenhouse Effect

Hot. Hot. Hot. 90 degrees. I blamed the guy who brought the Kubota Tractor back today as he just moved from Texas where he was forced to sell his herd after a nine-year draft. He told me that they just couldn’t feed them and hoped Oregon would be better.

Strawberry patch, really my only crop planted, in a way, has enjoyed the shade the blackberries have provided.

I promised that I wouldn’t garden in June to preserve my back and mobility. And then I was gone for three weeks on top of that, and the blackberries have taken advantage of my absence.strawberries060915

But since it’s at least ninety degrees, out there, it didn’t take long before sweat was pouring in my face.

I managed to clip the blackberries and pull up a few weeds. It’s going to take me a while to tame the garden. I may have to start getting up early to get a jump start on the heat as there’s no sign of the high temps letting up in the near future. It’s probably too late to plant more strawberries, but

More weeds than strawberries
More weeds than strawberries

I’m hoping to get the rest of the garden started tomorrow.

Meanwhile, life’s back to the usual. I’ve not cooked in three weeks; that was a nice break, but I’m looking forward to my own cooking. If June is already scalding hot, it will be a summer of bbquing.

I never did take that nap I mentioned in an earlier blog. My goal is to make it to at least eight, but fatigue is creeping in; I don’t think I’ll be able to make it another hour and some. I had hoped to watch the Red Sox overcome the 1-0 deficit with the Orioles. It’s been a game of reverse calls. Dustin was ruled hit by pitch, though the Baltimore commentators thinks the umpire blew the call…


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  1. I saw you were having a heat wave. Sorry ’bout that! We’re having one, also. But I don’t garden anymore and I have two working AC units that are earning their keep right now! In the “on” position!

    Glad you are home safe & sound. I thought I would worry more about your safety but I didn’t which was nice. You seemed to enjoy the experiences and, for me, the best part was your visit to Monk’s House. I went and rounded up all my Virginia Woolf-related books and put them in a row on a dresser in the living room so I can access them easily when I have the urge.

    I was also glad to read you say you’d be returning to England some day. Thatta girl!

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