I’m in one of those moods

My phone never rings and when it does, I’m being asked some stupid survey or they want my time and money. I’m so tired of this. It doesn’t matter if my number is registered in the don’t call list; organizations like Pacific University fly under the radar. They can call and ask me for money. Earlier I wrote about potential scammers under the guise of a Cancer Support Services group, but they can get away with soliciting. During Election Season, I wish that list I signed up for to protect me from wasting so much of my precious time would keep political groups from hounding me.

I used to enjoy talking on the phone, but now I avoid my phone. Kids always comment on how big of a cell phone I have. I love my Galaxy, but I don’t use it as a phone. It’s great for Facebook, email, and Words with Friends. At home, when the phone rings, I run the other way most of the time. I’ll answer it if I think it’s a job or possibly someone I know, but again the odds of that happening at in the single digit percentile. (Heidee, you are that one percent.)

Today I got a call from a freshman from Pacific. I stated that if he were calling about money that no I can’t give him anything because I’m still paying on my $30,000 loan from my 2004 Masters of Teaching Degree and I’m tired of PU folks hitting me up with my pockets are empty because of them. I simply asked him to take my name off of the list and that he have a great evening. I might have said life. I don’t remember.

I love Pacific University in Eugene. I’ve no clue about the Forest Grove main campus. I am a frequent flyer, and that’s what I told the student when he asked me again for money. Now, I don’t know if this was his doing or that’s how he was he trained and perhaps mandated to push the envelope just a bit more. My request was simple: Don’t ask me for money.

For God’s sake I’m a teacher. I’m “just” a substitute teacher who doesn’t even make enough money in a year to pay that $30,000 loan. If i didn’t have support, I wouldn’t be able to afford my job.  But instead of letting me and my empty wallet alone, Joe the Freshmen, I was asked to donate again, but via email. Different list. Maybe he didn’t quite understand the phrase no and have a great life, which I don’t think I would have said as that sounds mean spirited, though it’s possible. Woken twice from the same nap   doesn’t make me want to sing love songs.

And perhaps this may be seen as mean spirited, but I want to share my correspondence between Mr. Frosh and myself. I had enjoyed writing the letter and thought I’d share it.

Let me know if you think if I am being mean spirited. I don’t think I am, but I’m not always going to see you it even when it’s staring me in the face.

On Feb 24, 2014, at 8:16 PM, giving@pacificu.edu wrote:

Dear Susan,

Thank you for speaking with me about Pacific University. I understand not everyone chooses to make a gift at this time, but we are always happy to connect with you.

As you may know, tuition only covers 80% of the total cost of educating a Pacific University student like me. We rely on our alumni, parents and friends to provide the support needed to make up the difference. The more support we receive, the better equipped the University is to provide an excellent educational environment.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to speak with me about Pacific University.

Jayson ‘
Pacific University Student Caller

P.S. If you choose to make a gift in the future, please use our secure online giving page.

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This is my response:

I’m confused. Tuition covering 80% of total cost to educate you? What does that mean?

I am a repeat customer of Pacific University. I have chosen Pacific University over the University of Oregon, even though I already have a degree from the UO, and I’ll keep taking classes at Pacific.
It isn’t about not choosing to make a gift to help you out. I paid $30,000 ten years ago for my Masters in Teaching. What has that diploma earned me? I’m a substitute teacher. I am still paying that loan.
I recently added my reading endorsement from Pacific. Seventeen Graduate Level classes at six hundred dollars a credit; one three credit course would be $1800.
Maybe you meant to say that grants or loans or whatnot only pay 80% of your tuition and that it costs a lot more to educate you. But please educate yourself on the notion that my choosing not to donate is a choice is not accurate. Educate yourself on the difference of cost for a undergraduate degree and graduate work.
I do thank you and applaud you for donating your time to work on this campaign. I certainly hope you are donating your time. I’ll be extremely peeved if I learn that you are being paid in work study or any other mode of compensation for your time.
Sincerely yours,
Susan Honthumb

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”   Sylvia Plath

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