Cancer Support Services. Good cause or scam?

Tonight I was solicited by someone who was saying they were calling from Cancer Support Services. First of all, she called me Mrs., so I knew right off the bat, they didn’t know me. Not a big deal. She said that she wanted to know if my pledge of $15 was to be expected. I had been happing, but when this not-making-enough-to-live-on substitute teacher heard I donated money, I woke up immediately. What? When? She told me January. Really? I have never heard of this organization, and I do donate to the American Cancer Society, though I misspoke and said, I can’t contribute to the American Cancer Society because I keep my money local. She told me again that she was with Cancer Support Services and they provide local people with diapers, and supplies, and what not. I told her that I had never talked to someone about pledging, and she said well someone in your household must have. I think the other person in my household would have used their own name. I hate to be suspicious, but I think there’s a scam going on and if this is true, this is the lowest of lows.

So, my wonderful readers, what do you think?



  1. (got away from me) … we get scam phone calls every single day and not just once… many times. If I’m here alone I will let the machine deal with the phone calls, but when P. is home he will answer the phone and then get mad because it’s always scam artists trying to steal our money. So so so so sick of them! And we ARE ON the no-call list!!!

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