Was the Incredible Hulk credible?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

There’s a strong reason why I haven’t been watching television lately. I’ll watch an episode of Big Bang or Criminal Minds every so often, but mostly I have been reading and writing. I stepped away because most of the time I spent much time in front of the Boob Tube, I felt like had lost brain cells rather than getting the synapsis to fire more efficiently. I think I just mixed my metaphors. You can sort it out yourself if you want.

But the other day I was lured back. The Ovation Channel, a channel I had never been on before, had some great movies on. Glory.  The Pianist. Amadeus. Unfortunately, the movies must be expensive since the station depends on showing more commercials than movie segments. The movie about Rudyard Kipling was so much longer than it needed to be. I almost gave up watching the movie about the death of Kipling’s son. It was a pretty good movie, but three four five hours gets to be rather ridiculous. I don’t have that long of an attention span.

So, today, I got tired of that station and flipped around. Incredible Hulk. How could I resist. I didn’t know if I were about to watch a movie or a television show. I recognized David Banner’s face, the guy who becomes the Incredible Hulk if irritated. In this episode, the gasoline attendant refuses to sell Bill Bixby gasoline even though he has a pregnant woman in the back of his cab. 1979 must have been the time of cynicism as the guy doesn’t believe the driver; he says that someone tried that the other day and gave birth to two pillows. Twins. How cute.

Does any of this sound familiar? The music is great. Do they play music like this in current sitcoms? I haven’t paid attention. Full orchestra for the intense scenes like The Incredible Hulk sending tools across the room. The oboes and other instruments shoe the Hulk walking over to one of the workers. Reminds me of Peter and the Wolf. With one roar, the attendants hat goes flying. The violins get into the action when he’s holding the attendant up and his feet are just tangling, but the movement is perfectly choreographed.

What I don’t get is that the Doctor’s shirt rips off; his boots split. But his pants fit. How can that be? And then when the Doctor comes back from being the big green machine, the pants still fit him. Are they elastic? Wasn’t there a football player, maybe Al Green that was the Big Green Machine. I want to say Packers. I don’t have a clue. I can’t trust my memory at all. Help me out peeps if any of this is ringing any bells.

Meanwhile, on this very realistic show, the Baby is born in the back seat; the mother did it all by herself. No mess. Nothing.  Even the baby is cleaned up. What happened to the cord?

Courtship_of_Eddies_Father_1969I don’t remember being a Incredible Hulk fan. I was nineteen spent most of my time on the ice or on a soccer field. There was also college. But I was a Bill Bixby fan. I loved My Favorite Martian. And before that, I felt bad for Eddie, in the Courtship of Mr. Eddie, or something like that. Three years down the road I would be able to relate with young Eddie, though I was a little older than Eddie was when I lost my mom. Even Bixby and I had similar experiences; his father died of a heart attack in 1971 and my mom died of a heart attack the next year.

It’s hard to compare, special effects from 1979 with today. Everything about the television show, aside from the music, is extremely hokey. Was this the best they could do? Did they put money into this enterprise or was it supposed to be in the B range.

I guess this blog is going to be one of those short and sweet. I’ll work on having better special effects for next time.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



  1. Have nothing to say about Incredible Hulk. Never watched it, never want to! Ugh.

    Never saw Amadeus either… did see the one about Kipling, and did see The Pianist, both good, but the Kipling one (“Glory”?) was a bit long and boring at times I agree.

    Since we only watch shows made in and about Britain and not stuff mostly offered or made over here, most of the TV movies are not that great for us, except for some PBS shows but most of their British offerings are old hat for us, having seen them or even owned them for quite a while before they ever get here in the States.

    1. I may never watch Incredible Hulk again. The music was fascinating. Glory was a Matthew Broderick movie about the civil war. Great movie. I had been thinking about Broderick when watching Amadeus, but that was Hulce, not Broderick.

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