Garrulous Writing

Wednesday, February 11,  2015

In honor of this date I shall write two blogs. Not totally unheard of. I’ve not seen any rules against two in a day. Nothing happened after I wrote two once or twice before, at least nothing that I noticed. Nothing out of the ordinary. Eleven is my favorite number, though I would truly do it justice if I wrote at 11:11 p.m., but I’ll probably be long asleep by then.

I’m not sure why I am aligned with number eleven. I’m like a spoiled child when I can’t wear the number eleven on the field or on the ice, though mostly I just wear it around the house. It’s the closest thing I have to having a super power costume. But when I am donning number 11, all feels right in my world. Hey, maybe I’ll have to be like Shirley from that sitcom from days gone bye. Shirley & Laverne? Shut the Front Door. I have no idea how that name came to the surface, but that’s as close to a miracle as I have had today. I do believe in miracles.

Believe it or not, the subject that I had in mind before I started spilling words onto paper was whether being a garrulous writer is good or bad.

I started reading William Zinsser’s book, though for some reason I keep thinking his name is Howard, On Writing Well. I have the twenty-fifth edition. I’m sure the thirtieth edition is much different. I’d hope it would be different or I wouldn’t bother buying a later edition. And William does say that his book will reflect how much the writer has changed.

For those of you who know me or have read much of what I write, I tend to ramble. I tend to chase tangents as if I were chasing butterflies, but I go down rabbit holes in pursuit of the flittery game. Flit is a word. Flittery is not a word? I want it to be a word, so for this moment I grant that word immunity. It’s kind of like a pardon of a death sentence.

I would consider myself a garrulous writer. Never had it in my repertoire before I read page xi in On Writing Well. You can tell I’ve taken that speed-reading course. What was her name? I’m a tortoise when it comes to reading, but in this case Surely doesn’t follow the slowly. Who knows, I may never get past the Roman Numerals and into the meat of the story. Most people don’t even read the preface or introduction. Heck, I even read the date and the location of publication and see how many editions the book has been printed, though it doesn’t do any good if I am reading an edition that is at least five years behind the last edition. I’m not sure if 30th has been passed.

William Zinsser uses the word disorganized when describing garrulous. Disorganized can never be a good thing, but there’s room for persuasion with garrulous. What’s wrong with talkative? I’m talkative with people that I know when I’m actually communicating. Writing is no different. If I could, I would write every single second of the day, or until my butt goes numb. No, I won’t present what I spew; most of what I write is for my eyes only. This is a rare occasion. In fact, my goal is to be so bold and so garrulous that I’m not going to re-read this. I’m going to let the cards, or in this case, characters in the shape of letters and symbols, fall.

If I lose you, just hold on, as in a sentence or two, you’ll catch the drift again and can follow again. Maybe.

Back to the question. Can garrulous writing be good? Or shall it be written in stone that thou shalt never publish a blog without editing it?



  1. Well, I don’t know about garrulous… but I say you can publish as many blogs a day that you want! And you should always edit, if not before you publish, then right after you publish and before the readers can click on your entry and view all your un-edits, if you will. I believe editing is as important as the original writing. But that’s just me…xxxx

  2. You are in agreement with William Zinsser. My problem is that I could edit something endlessly. I tend to add more text as I change it around. I do delete, but mostly I change and add. I’ve got lots of things that have been edited, maybe to death. I’m trying to come up with a happy medium. Sometimes I trust my ability to string together sentences to get my point across in one try. Of course, the writing does get better after a revision or two or three or four. There have been plenty of blogs in my journal that never make it even after a revision or so. Put away for firewood.

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