Why do I write?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why do I write? Why do I do all sorts of things? Such a classic question. There are some writers who say they don’t have a choice. Sometimes I feel that way. My original motivation was to remember, struggling with memory issues from day one. Remember people. events.

Since I have been journaling since the early 80s, I get to flip back through the years. I tend to look for behavior, for attitudes, for things that need some adjustments. Sometimes it takes quite a long time to see a pattern that needed to be disrupted, but eventually something that I said, either to myself or to someone else, clicks.

In addition to writing to remember, I write to not only entertain myself, but to give me something to do. perhaps in the earlier years that was the case; I’ve got plenty that scream to be done. House chores.

But since writing is such a ritual, the desire to write trumps the desire to do chores or pretty much anything else.

There are a lot of people who write in order for them to know what they know. I really learned that to demonstrate understanding, putting information in my own words, my own thoughts,  was an important skill for doing well in school..

I used to drive my students crazy by making them translate information from a text  book into their own words. For me, I sometimes had to read the text a few times before I could put the ideas into my own words. Writers often write to understand.

I’ve only blogged twice this year, this being the second, and so instead of asking myself the question as to why do I write, I ought to ask why don’t you write for others to read?


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