Flash back: Derek and the Dominoes

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I have been having a grand old time listening to the “Classic” Rock station. There are so many songs that I’m familiar with the group or singer’s names and the song, which would of course include the lyrics. But sometimes I know the song name, like Layla and the Lyrics. I recognize the group name of Derek and the Dominoes, but their name doesn’t land on the tip of my tongue. If their name is in the memory bank, it’s tucked way back in the beginning of a very cramped file cabinet. I wish I could take all of the information and burn it on a CD or DVD or Blue Ray Whatever that is called. But damn that would take a lot of sorting. I don’t need everything that I have stashed in the inner file cabinet. I need someone to help me sort through the mental files. Is it possible to sift through and recycle the stuff I no longer need so I can access the stuff that I really need? I have so much more that I want to add, but I think I’m already at max capacity.

I’ve probably already written about my first computer, the Commodore Amiga, that had 512K memory. Damn that thing would crash and take with it so many things I wrote. The first time I used it to write a paper for Marilyn at the University of Oregon. Marilyn Farwell. I had procrastinated and left this paper for the last minute. Not a good idea with a very tough and righlty so grader.

After an “all-nighter”, something I was famous for in my undergraduate time, which is probably why it took me until I was thirty to get that first degree, my brand new state of the art computer that I bought from the UO bookstore, (Beautiful color screen was much better than the Mac….,) it froze. I was shit out of luck. I had nothing. No notes. No rough drafts. I had poured my heart and soul and everything that I knew on the subject, from my head through my fingers and through to the computer. Hitting re-boot was the hardest thing that I ever had to do. Well, not really, but to make it more dramatic, that’s how I felt. I believe I was the first student to ever tell Dr. Farwell that my computer ate my paper. I still see her smile and hear her laughter. I still lost a grade for my paper being late. Ouch!

Back to the subject at hand. Sometimes my mind is like a game of Dominoes where one thought may lead to other things, but many thoughts fall down as a result. I just have to wait for the clickity sounds of the dominoes falling to stop before I can start from the beginning again.

No wonder Derek and the Dominos are tucked way back in my file cabinets. I may have only been nine when they were together, but talk about the Domino Effect. No, I have never heard of the American soul revue or Delaney & Bonnie and Friends, but since Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood were byproducts, that’s amazing as those two names have been moved closer to the front in my memory drawer. I’ve never seen Clapton in concert, but I’ve seen Windwood. I think he was touring with Bonnie Raitt. Maybe Jackson Browne. Amazing show. Derek_and_the_Dominos

I’m gonna skip the dirt about Clapton falling in love with George Harrison’s wife…I didn’t have a clue then. Probably don’t need to add that information to the memory banks, but some of you may think this is interesting… . And yet even this bit of gossip plays a part in this story.

The song I was listening to was “Layla” and it wasn’t until a few seconds ago when the bells in my brain were going off; it’s like an alarm was sounding for trying to access a very old file, a file that may be covered with a lot of dust. Of course Layla is very familiar to me since I own so many Eric Clapton CD’s. I even had my family read an Eric Clapton song, the one about his father’s eyes, at my dad’s funeral. I will never be able to listen to this song without crying, but I will never stop playing it either.

Now all of this makes sense.



  1. All I know is that everyone’s screen here at WordPress is now snowing in the background! And, according to you, they didn’t ask permission to do that before they did it! I hate the snow coming down personally. I know it’s “seasonal decor” but it distracts me from your words. I have so many distractions in my life these days that this one is just added to the big pile!

    That said, it won’t discourage me from commenting here, and anyone out there who may be reading MY comment here, how about getting up off the couch and making your OWN comments… a blogger needs reinforcement sometimes, to know her/his words are reaching the ears of others. It’s lonely sometimes here in blogville but to hear from a read or two or more does wonders for the soul!

    1. I replied to this comment earlier, but perhaps it got covered with snow. I’m sorry that the snow bothers you. If I get a chance, I’ll see if there’s a off switch or button. And it’s really okay if no one reads my blog; I am having a fun time writing.

  2. You did it! No snow coming down! Now I feel like —- OH wait! It’s snowing again here! It just took a while to load in…

    — now I feel like the biggest grinch for even mentioning it. It’s festive and probably everyone else loves it! So just ignore what I said!

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