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Sunday, November 23, 2014

I’ve written about my cats. My stories. I even wrote about my ability to manipulate people. Aside from my loyal friend Bex, I’ve not heard a peep. Not one iota. (I’m not sure what number that would.)

Why is that?

Is it that I’m the kind of writer who throws caution to the wind and lets the words fall all over the page and don’t rake up the leaves of comma spices, run-on sentences, or wrong word usage? Really? I guess if that’s the case, I better keep on writing for myself. Maybe one of these days other people will figure it out. Maybe not.

Since I have been on such a serious kick lately. Life. Death. Purpose. Cats. I think I’ll let my hair down and go down a different alley. I love to mix metaphors and I don’t have much hair to let down.

I’ve written about music. I know lots of music from the 70s. I thought it is time to update the RAM. I have heard of Lorde and the song “Royals.” I have listened it a few times on the radio. Sometimes I change the station. Sometimes I sing along.

This song was taken seriously in San Fran during the World Series. Radio stations were not allowed to play it. Really? Seriously? I guess it worked since the Giants and the Big Panda trounced the underdogs. Since I’m a Red Sox fan, the baseball season was over before it even started. There’s always next year, especially if we land the Big Panda. He’d go well with the Big Papi.

Back to the song. For the first time I listened to the song a few times, read the lyrics. I never could figure out the gold teeth and whatever. It would be cool to have a tiger, but not on a leash.

I did notice someone made a comment on YouTube that Lorde shouldn’t be singing about be poor because she is a millionaire now. Another really is coming your way.  Did she get that money, that voice, the skill by sitting in her livingroom playing video games or did she work for it? I don’t know. I know absolutely nothing about Lorde. I don’t even know what her name is.

I liked the line about Driving Cadallacs in our dreams. (Damn it. I can’t spell that car brand…Can’t rely on Facebook. I’m thinking it is Cadillac…)

My dad drove a Cadillac. I did like his other boat, the Pontiac. Just lost the name. Sorry. It may come back. Not even sure if it was a Pontaic. Might have been a Buick. Yes. Buick Riviera. That thing flew. V8. Sucked gas as if it were going out of style and part of the time in my teens it was. I remember long lines.

Lorde sings about being ashamed of her address. I can relate, but for the polar opposite reason. I used to not tell people I was from Weston, Massachusetts. I worried that people would judge me, coming from such a rich community. I guess we were rich and then we weren’t. Economy took a nose dive and my dad lost his shorts. (What did I say about mixing metaphors?) Big Papi lives in Weston. I have no clue where. When I went back to visit my stomping ground, it was so different. My house, a small ranch, somewhat small back then, has swollen and isn’t recognizable. That house held four kids and my parents. We all had a room. But it wasn’t humongous as it is now, and I think that there’s just a few people living there.

The hardest part about going back home, and I’ll try to skip over the part that you can never go home again, is that they tore up the pool and put in a green, green, lawn. Probably takes less chemicals to keep the grass clean than the pool, but still. That pool was the magnet of neighborhood fun. Parties. Barbecues. I can see the slide and the diving board. I can remember that I was afraid of swimming alone when the movie Jaws came out. (I have a very wild imagination. You never know what’s on the other side of that drain.)

I suppose the insurance would be high. A family with young kids or kid is taking a risk. But still. How could they have taken away what was almost like a national landmark?

I want to know what Lorde meant about how her friends and she has cracked the code. Does that have something to do with the line of life is great without a care? Is that possible. Is that why we drink and do drugs so we can get to that point? Is it possible to get there without those things? I’ve never figured it out. If you can help me out, let me know.Cadillac



  1. Would it help if I commented using an alias? Just to beef up the number of peeps out here who read and love your blog?

    C’mon Peeps! Write a thought or two.

    Now as for your subject matter, I’ve never heard of Lorde… since I’m a geezer and don’t listen to current music. I have my old-time favorites and a few newbies but not many. Most of the music out there these days is just noise, in my humble and aged opinion. Pure noise!

    Have you heard the new Damien Rice album? I have it and I like it. I think I like it better than the only other Damien Rice album I have, which was “O” – (it had his fabulous “The Blower’s Daughter” on it). But I like the general overall songs better on his latest one…

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