70´s music ruined my memory

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How many of can sing along  Seals and Crofts’ “I’ll play for you?”

Even though I absolutely love music, perhaps passionately,   I don’t listen to it much unless I am in my car, and then it is loud. Crazy loud. I should be deaf, but hearing it’s one of my strongest of senses. Sometimes sounds can be rather disrupting.

Today, my gym was being used for photographs. (Notice the pronoun of my? I am possessive of the gym I having been working in for the past seven or so weeks, albeit just three days. I am subbing in the position I applied for but didn’t even get an interview. Luckily for me, elementary pe highly qualified teachers are a rare breed, so I get to keep subbing. I confess that I have fallen in love with these kids.

I better change the subject or i’ll start to cry. My Smart Phone isn’t waterproof.

Seventies music has made me so happy the past few days. I had such a good time Monday, I didn’t watch Monday Night Football. This says a lot.

Sometimes I listen to the 70s music on the music choice channel on the television. Cher is singing “The Way of Love” is singing right now. I haven’t heard this song in many years. But I know most of the song and a lot of joy my comes from my singing along. If I stop thinking or judging my singing abilities, I think I have a pretty good voice. At least it doesn’t hurt my own eats.

My voice is more like B.J. Thomas ” I just can’t help beloevin’ ” than Cher. She’s a bit high for me. Some of you may be asking who the heck B.J. Thomas is. His song is familiar in my memory banks, but I am so sorry B.J. I have no clue who you are. Don’t feel bad I didn’t recognize Average White Band, but I knew the song “cut the cake.”

I have been listening to old stuff on Pandora. I think it called American Channel, but the Beatles aren’t American. Very rarely is there a song or artist from this period I don’t recognize. Pacific Gas and Electric. Who? I have never heard the song “Are You Ready?” What am I ready for? I like the song, though I am not about to buy any of their music. Now if we are talking that other group with electric in it. Electric Orchestra Company? I am pretty sure that’s the name. Also known ELO. Normally I would jump up from my recliner and look at my CD collection, but Ricky Dog has me pinned in the chair. He keeps me planted.

Maybe it is not fair to compare the digital music to Pandora. I don’t want to pay for Pandora, so I have to suffer through the commercials. But I do pay for the digital music. Sort of. Pandora repeats songs. The digital music channel doesn’t repeat very often. And on the digital  channel plays music I have never heard. Who is jim stafford?

I almost forgot to link this to the title. My tangents sometimes prevent me from a making a point.

I have a pathetic memory. Well, I can remember a lot of artists and lyrics from the 70s. I think my memory got filled before I turned twenty-one. Hell, my first computer, a Commidore Amiga had only 512K memory and I am a lit older than that personal computer.

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  1. I remember Jim Stafford (country ?) and B.J. Thomas, yes. My era was about 10-12 years before yours, I think, so a lot of what you mentioned are foreign to me. I was more “into” commercial music during certain times of life, like when I was in high school and when I was tripping out with first husband like flower children, and when I was single in middle age… again like a hippy, but always working full-time so it was hard to keep up with it all. Seals and Crofts does wondrous things to my psyche, especially East of Ginger Trees… that is all I need sometimes to soar…

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