Book or movie first

Monday, February 3, 2014
I am like most who prefer to read a book before I see a movie, though I don’t have substantial proof or scientific data to support my claim, but for all the comments I have heard over the years, I have never heard anyone say that they preferred watching the movie first; of course, this does not count the students I have dealt with who only want to wavy to watch the movie first do they can get out of reading the book.
I know one person who refuses to read the book if she has seen the movie because there is no point. Not like the movie is different than the book and visa versa.
A short while ago I saw the movie The Reader. I did not know it was based on a book until after I saw the film. Now I am reading the book and I notice the mental images of the movie are getting in the way. I am still enjoying Bernhard Schlink’s book. It is a quick read. I may be able to get it done in two sittings, which means for the rest of you, one sitting. I am a slow, methodical reader, turning words and phrases in my head to taste them and hold them and get every ounce out of them before I give them back to the book.
How many of you prefer to read the book prior to seeing the movie? Is there anyone who watch the movie first?
Let the science experiment win.



  1. I am not a preferential book reader, because I process slowly and have difficulty comprehending the written and spoken word. Movies work much better for me, although partly that may be because as a child, all I had was the tv and movies. I have found that after having seen a movie, if I read the book, I came to understand things that didn’t quite make sense in the movie but were spelled out in the book, especially with The Dark Crystal, and Willow. Most people I know prefer reading the book, and not seeing the movie – or reading the book first. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, you definitely needed to read the book to understand the movie.

  2. For me there is no much difference. I like to see both the movie and read the book, order is not important. I will compare the two however. So far, most books are better
    And I did notice that sometimes, the images from the movie do come to me, they kind of replace your imagination of the characters especially, but I don’t think much about it. I get over it after a couple of chapters.

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