Generation Gap

 Friday, January 31, 2014

I’ve got fifteen minutes before the next PE class starts. Sometimes time limits helps focus me. Sometimes, I just get warmed up when the time is up. We’ll see which is which this time around.

I love tangents. I go in so many directions that I forget where I originally started. Somehow I landed on Michelle’s daily prompt challenge, or it could have something to do with Friday. I’m not sure. But here goes.

Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ: Think about the generation immediately younger or older than you. What do you understand least about them — and what can you learn from them?

I’m a baby boomer. Very end of that generation. Some people may disagree, but for the most part a child born in 1960 is a baby boomer. From my understanding, and correct me if I have gone astray in my thinking, but baby boomers are kids born to parents who served in World War II. My dad served in Puerto Rico. I don’t really know what my mom did during the War. I have this vague knowledge that Syracuse College, her alma mata, closed or did something during WWII. Again, correct me if I am wrong. I pick up strange memories along the way and then they have a way of morphing into other things. Like I really, really thought the Preston side of the family, was related to the Captain or officer that was responsible for the Boston Massacre, but my Uncle Burgess Standley told me that I was wrong. He did, however, tell me I was related to one of the witches in Salem. Wish I could remember her name. I think there’s a statue of her in Salem.

I told you I liked Tangents and sometimes have problems staying on track. I kind of let my fingers do the walking and I just go along for the ride.

Yesterday and today I was at Churchill High School in Eugene. Go Lancers. Well, while they were working on an arts & crafts project, I had some music playing. I was not surprised that they looked at me funny when I played classical music. But when they didn’t like Adele, I was very disappointed. I notice that the biggest difference in generations has been music. My dad hated the Beatles and rock and roll in general. He liked Big Band Music. Buddy Rich. He liked elevator music. He and my mom used to go out dancing, but by the time I arrived, my dad’s career pretty much had a death grip on his time, so they never went anyway unless it was business-related.

Well, I’ve got two minutes. I think I may just do another post later today. Hope you are all having a fantastic and frenzy-free Friday.



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