Do I blame Kinders or the horoscope?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Zero to hero day 28 assignment: Build on Your Popular Content. Today’s assignment is to Find the post that has received the most views, likes, or comments, and write a related follow-up post. 

As instructed, I went back to look at my most popular blog where I had received eleven responses and ten likes. Was it my analogy to batting averages that drew readers in? I’m still batting a thousand thanks to the zero to hero challenge that’s whipped my motivation into shape. For me to write every day is not that unusual as I’ve been journaling almost every day for the past thirty years, though I have to subtract the five years I taught at The Willamette Leadership Academy, a military-style school. It’s rather difficult to journal while investing eighty hours a week into my profession, but when you have to teach all subjects, that comes with the package, and on top of that, that was the only benefit package there was. Anyway, for me the routine of writing isn’t an issue, but writing for an audience is a first for me.

I do recall that I was in a rather strange mood when I wrote last Friday night. I’m sure you can relate when ideas, often off-the wall ideas, come running as if they were going to a open bar at a wedding reception. Now if I were writing after being in line a few times, the peculiar thought-tracks would be amazing, but for some reason people frown upon writer’s secluding themselves to pull out their Kindle or Smart-Phone to blog during a social event, and the last time I checked, my Samsung Note II doesn’t fit into any dress pockets, and backpacks are also frowned upon even if they match and could be deemed as an accessory.

I’m straying. No. I could blame it on the hot chocolate I drank. Better yet, I think I’ll blame it on the kindergarteners. What kind of word is Kindergarten anyway?

Today I substitute taught two classes of kinders. When I got the call at six this morning, ripping me out of a deep sleep, I accepted the job without any reservation because the job was for first graders. The follow up call was to inform me that I would be teaching Kinders and would that be a problem as if it normally is a problem. I hadn’t had the chance to herd cats in a very long time, so I took the job as a challenge. I blame my strange mood on the kinders. I didn’t need caffeine to energize me; all I had to do was be around the energy of the twenty-four energizer bunnies, all marching to their own drumbeat, going in all sorts of direction, and never-ever slowing down. The ride was a whirl wind. At the end of the day, there was this adorable little boy who was crying because he “got cutted and it wasn’t fair.” Typically I tell the older kids that life’s not fair and that they needed to get over it; I even had a sign in my classroom that stated that fact, but for those sweet little angels at five, how could I burst their precious bubble of Fairness and Equality. So, I asked the cutter if he indeed had been behind my poor victim, and when he admitted his crime, justice was served when I sent him to the end of the line. Two seconds later, the little boy with the large saline-drops falling down his face was all laughs and smiles, and life felt good. I almost felt like the hero that this zero to hero challenge was supposed to make me become.

Now, where was I? Oh, bringing those readers in. I’m proud as punch to say that since that column from last Friday, I have picked up eleven more followers. The slow-down from the last few days hasn’t really hurt my average.

Before I started this journal, I was a bit worried. I looked at my horoscope. I do that sometimes. I subscribe to three or four different ones, though I subscribe to so much email that I can’t keep anything straight and I’ve given up trying to manage them. I do have folders that the emails slide into so it doesn’t seem like I have millions of emails on my server, but I currently I have two thousand emails just in my horoscope folder. Makes me cringe. In my junk folder I have 28,429 emails. Really? Damn, I was doing so well with ignorance. So much for that bliss. I’ll probably not be able to sleep tonight thinking about what important email is buried in that rubble. Maybe there really is money in a Swiss Bank Account waiting for me that would cost me that much to get it out.

Anyway, I had looked at my Planetary Forecast by The Astrologer, Kelli Fox. She? He? I’m leaning towards the she on this gender-neutral name. She is referred to as The Astrologer, and not just a lowly lower-case the astrologer. A capital letter makes a world of difference. Listen up my fellow Piscean peeps, this is what today has in store for us or had in store for you if you live in a different time zone and you are now experiencing Thursday instead of me who is still stuck on Hump-Day. Listen up and maybe you can help explain what it means. “The willful Sun forms a positive sextile to brilliant Uranus today. This is a wonderful opportunity to break free of an oppressive situation. Going in a new direction could feel wonderfully liberating. Instead of tailoring our behavior to gain public approval, we’d probably be better off following our own instincts.” Does this mean I shouldn’t be trying to lure readers to my blog and that I should break free from those chains that represent my incessant need of approval and validation? I am not going to make it as a published author if I go down this rabbit hole.

Well, and speaking of holes, I’m clock-watching. I’ve got two classes of high school freshmen health classes and two high school PE classes to look forward to tomorrow, which means in order to be bushy-tailed ready, I gotta get my keister, and I’m really clueless how to spell the word that was supposed to prevent me from saying butt, into bed. Remember that I’m really hoping for some feedback. I’m all ears means I want to hear from you in what’s working, what’s not working. What can I do differently? Did my headline influence you reading this? I didn’t realize how dry and boring my zero to hero headlines were, so I thought I would put a different spin on things.

I'd love to hear from you.

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