Going around in Circles

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I wrote a fantastic post yesterday for the zero to hero day 26, but I can’t seem to get the bloody thing published. And what is worse, the draft edition that seems to stay is only half of the story. I’ve gone in to the revisions and I have updated it to the longer one and then I hit publish, but it doesn’t publish. I have tried copying and pasting. I’ve tried refreshing. I’ve logged out. I’m going crazy as I’ve tried at least a dozen times to get this post posted.

Before creating the post, I was tinkering with the behind the scenes things, changing things. I’m one of those computer users that I know enough to get myself into a jam and then my skills run dry and I get stuck. If only I would learn to not paint myself into a corner. Hopefully someone can come to my rescue. This is actually a test to see if I have messed up something so bad that I can’t publish anything. I’ll soon find out…

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