Zero to Hero Day 19

Today’s assignment: publish a post using a format you’ve never used before.
Monday, January 20, 2014
I learned something new today. While I knew that I could share a photo onto Facebook by clicking on the share button, the ball with the two arrows, I did not know I could get that button to bring up this program. What’s it called? Word something. My brain is not spitting out the word, holding it for ransom. All I need to do is find out what my brain wants. A jet to the Bahamas? I bet my heart, soul, and body are on board and would happily join my brain. The idea of Bahamas must have been good enough as I now remember. Press. WordPress.
What baffles me is I wrote a caption asking the question if I am sharing my green over-sized recliner with my dog, Ricky, and my cat, Yang.

I can’t see those words, but my friend Jan could because she answered my question.
I went in and fiddled, changing the format from picture to something else. (I have a brain like a sieve, and words just fall out of those holes just when I need them. It is like the brain asks for a word, the synapse fires that word, and sometimes that word hits the target and sometimes it doesn’t. Perhaps my brain is like the Bermuda Triangle metaphor is better suited. There I go, thinking of the Caribbean again.)
I also noticed that my brain wasn’t satisfied with just writing a one-line caption. There was no sense of quenching the thirst that writing provides, no strange zig-zag tangents that cause me to laugh. Is it just me or is this blog slightly amusing? I would love to be absolutely hilarious, but my ego has a hard time calling my own writing hilarious.
Hilarious writing is what I am going for, but I suppose I need to read more David Sedaris. Okay faithful followers, since only one of you answered my question from yesterday, what humorous author do you recommend. Humorous essayist would probably be a better direction. By answering my Question, I will also know who is reading to the end of my blog.


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