Zero to Hero Day 18: Social Networking

January 19, 2014

Day Eighteen: Time to enter the wild world of social networks! Plus two options for folks who’d like to write a post. Check out the Zero to Hero main page for more details.

So far, I have found the Zero to Hero a bit on the irritating side, but once I get through these learning curves, I’m finding the benefits outweigh any of the negatives. Before I started the zero to hero thirty day challenge to make a better blog page, which is not the same as making me a better blogger, I had tried to independently challenge myself to write every day. After a week or so, my motivation started to 


slide down; the want to transformed into a have to. I’m not good with have to’s in any aspect of my life, and this especially true with doing things for fun. Now if I were getting paid to write these blogs or if I were getting paid to write anything, the have to’s would have more weight behind them. But until that happens, I want to avoid need to’s as much as possible.

Have I lost any of you yet? (I do tend to meander.)

The reason my motivation took a skid in continuing to blog on my own was that I was just writing to myself; I already do this in the form of a journal, though the motivation is very high just because I’ve done it for so long, and the blog hadn’t become a habit yet or part of my routine. 

When I started the zero to hero, I started to get likes and responses. Talk about stoking the fire. I have been jazzed. When I saw that I had 40 followers, I was ecstatic. Yes, I know that there are many of you that have thousands of followers, but forty seems astronomical.

And some of you are wondering if I am ever going to get around to the assignment. I’m dragging my feet and drawing out my words because this assignment doesn’t really involve writing, and writing is what I love to do.

I was apprehensive about adding any more social networks. When I started Facebook, I went hog wild. (Is that one word?) I have a thousand friends. I have spent oodles of time on Facebook, posting my status updates, and responding to friends and looking at their pictures. I was starting to think that I needed a 12-step-program for Facebook. But now I’ve transferred that all or nothing mentality to the blog. Adding another social network feels like I’ll be opening either a can of worms or Pandora’s box, and neither of them are good.

Yet if I get so jazzed at having forty faithful followers, what emotions will I experience if I get 400 followers? It


 makes sense that if I extend where my posts go, statistically my readership has to go up. Does this mean I have to spend any time on those sites? I hope not.

It helped that I had signed up for a few of these, but the accounts have been dormant. Twitter was one that I signed up for a long time ago, but have avoided throwing myself into the mix, though there’s been a lot of tempting tweets, though I’m not sure why the name isn’t tweeter or why comments are not called twits.

And because I go for all or nothing, I linked for everything that I could. I even went for Tumblr, though I really have no idea what it does.

My fear is I am going to be


 inundated with messages and emails and that will be just one more thing that will distrac

t me. Perhaps the want to respond to everyone who has written to me or ever

yone who has liked my posts will fade and I won’t let the need to do these things come into the picture.

I guess we’ll find out when I start struggling to get my blog assignments done. Doesn’t that t font look too similar to the Facebook F? I would think that there’s a copyright misdoing going on, but how can someone copyright a letter?

For those who know me, which isn’t that many so far, I’m in a sad state right now. My New England Patriots got blown out of the water against Peyton Manning and the Broncos. There was no Bronco Busting going on today. So, it’s time to put away the coat and spend my time cheering for the Boston Bruins. I’ll try to give a hip hip hooray for the Boston Celtics, but they are not winning very often this year, and I’m irritated that they let go their best players. I don’t have too long to wait to get my Red Sox coat out. I may bring it out prior to Spring Training.



  1. Hahaha… no, you never lost me, and in fact I feel the same way about want to v. have to. I avoid have to like a plague of locusts.

    Also, we have sports in common, if not teams. Our dear 49ers also fell today amid a wash of officiating controversy (what’s new?) and an injured key player. Ah well. Sports go on… Prince Charming is our sports master and he actually has a soft spot for the Celtics and all things Boston (it being a sister city to SF in spirit ya know), but now we turn our hearts and minds toward the Warriors… biding time… until Spring Training. :>

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