Day 17: Increase Your Commenting Confidence

Saturday, January 18, 2014
Zero to Hero Day 17. We are more than half way done with the thirty day challenge, though I know I will embark on another challenge after this.
It wasn’t until after I started to peruse other zero to Hero bloggers that I realized I had misread the assignment. I thought that I was to come up with my own prompt. When I re-read yesterday’s day 16 assignment I then realized I was supposed to go to the daily prompt about my reputation. Yesterday’s blog was all over the map, so perhaps accidentally I hit a vein that could be loosely translated as writing about my reputation.
I love it when I am on the same page as those who create the assignments see I did look to see how others had done the assignment. Since I have the time, I will look at a few more.
I noticed that quite a few people distinguished between their work reputations and personal reputations. I enjoyed reading
Blockader is one I’ve been following. It’s odd that at this moment I have no idea what gender the person is. I have no image in my head of who the writer is. It’s interesting to consider how much gender plays a role in those expectations of reputation.
Even though it’s late, 10:52 p.m. is very late for this old dog, I’m interested in learning more about links. I’ve noticed that some people have linked to my post, which in a way is what Day 17 is asking me to do. According to the directions, I’ve got to be in Visual.,,

This is a really cool thing to learn. I had been just inserting the addresses instead of linking. This just proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Now, who can tell me how to change the default time stamp? It’s telling me I am writing this at 6:59 a.m. on January 19th. I’m on the West Coast, aka the Left Coast, and we’re still working on Saturday…

When it comes to reading blogs, I gotta admit that I’m a defensive blogger. I’m a defensive emailer and facebooker as well. Chances are what I write is in response to what someone else has written. If someone has taken the time to like my blog or comment on my blog, in triage, those folks are the ones that get my attention first.

Sometimes I gravitate towards posts because I like what they stand for or what they suggest they stand for. Peace would be nice.

Another assignment in the books. Time to curl up around a book. I’m still working on Raven’s Shadow by Patricia Briggs. Anyone familiar with this author?

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