Zero to Hero Day 14: Blogger’s Choice!

“We’ve got our suggestions for what you should do today, but everyone’s blogs move at a different pace. In recognition of that, today’s task is your choice!”

I think I need a 12-step program for blogging. I’m obsessed with reading and commenting on blogs. I’ve noticed that my page count for journaling has dropped.



Step one is to admit I have a problem. I am addicted to reading and writing, though the addiction leans strongly in favor of writing. The main reason I read, especially blogs, is due to my desire to become a better writer.
A few of my blogs, prior to taking on the Zero to Hero Challenge, have been about why I write. I have mentioned that I write so I can remember. My brain is like a sieve; retaining information, experiences is hard to hold onto. Perhaps not the major experiences, though I only am able grasp general ideas; time anchors are like images in the sand. As time goes, the waves of passing years slowly erodes the specifics.
For example, A few years ago or so, my three sisters and I gathered in Massachusetts for a Christmas reunion. Someone remembered that all of us hadn’t been together for Christmas since 1977, my Sophomore year in high school.
In order for me to nail the year down on this event, I would have to look at journals. When it comes to dates, I don’t remember when my father died, though I know it was July because we celebrated my sister Deb’s birthday. I don’t remember how old my animals are.
The only reason why I remember my mom’s death date is because it was the night that Richard Nixon was elected, but I only remember that it was November 1972. Had to have been on Tuesday, but other than that, I have no clue.
In addition to writing to remember, I write to kill time, to entertain myself. And this is where I find I do a lot of writing. Today, after arriving at Thurston High School in Springfield, Or., and after reviewing the teaching plans for the day, I found myself with about an hour and a half of time. When the students were deep into their journaing, I snuck some more writing in. During the last class of the day, when the students were supposed to be studying, I had another hour and a half to write, though I did have to stop once in a while and prod the students to get some work done. I should have brought my cattle prod as my encouraging words fell on deaf ears.
Basically I write when I can. If I am a passenger in a car, I’ll write. I send emails to myself and then stick them into a document for the month. I’ll write while walking the dogs around the property, which doesn’t include leashes, but it does include watching where I walk if you catch my drift. So, sometimes I talk my writing and let my Smart Phone record my journal.
Well, I have an early date with fifth graders at … darn it, I’ve forgotten the name. I bet the name will come to me as soon as I finish writing. Nope, got it sooner than that. Camus Ridge Community School in Eugene. I think that’s right. The most important thing I need to remember is where the school is located.
Earlier this week I worked with another group of fifth graders, but this time I was at Page Elementary School in Springfield. The best part about that experience was that I got to play Jedi Dodgeball twice. Good times were had by all.
I love being able to kill two birds with one stone; writing this assignment while journaling.
Goodnight all.


  1. I use to blog a little and read a little on WordPress. Since starting these challenges I have learned to blog more and read more. I am really trying to comment more on other blogs.It is all very time consuming but I think its part of what we all need to do to understand the blogging community and how it works. Are you doing any other challenges? I am doing the photo a week one but might try to get involved in a few more. I am doing both of those on my other blog now I was trying to do these challenges on both, and it was to much to keep up with.

    1. Lost my first comment…Creating community, receiving comments and acknowledgment has made a world of difference. I had tried to create a daily blogging challenge. But my motivation waned without much response; I can talk to a wall just for so long without being bored. I already journal to myself, so I didn’t need another of the same. I was looking for an outlet that would encourage me to share my writing. My goal is to become a published writer, and this blog is like learning to swim with a life jacket or perhaps water wings.
      The zero to hero challenge has been a tremendous boost in my motivation. I have had a lot of fun reading other people’s blogs, and I look forward to each day’s challenge. No, I am not doing any other challenge. The amount of time I spend reading blogs and writing the zero to hero takes away journal time; reading time has really suffered, so I’m going to have to make some adjustments.

  2. I agree it takes up more time, but I know it has helped me a lot. Last year I tried to do the 365 day challenge a picture a day for a year. I gave up in October threw in the towel. This year I am doing a weekly photo challenge but might try to find one more photography challenge. Now that I am only doing the challenges on one blog that has helped my time issues. I try to do a picture post on each blog every other day and then the challenges on the one blog.

    1. Had you started the 365 day challenge in January? If you had, you came so close to finishing the year; you should be proud of yourself. Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes motivation just walks away, stranding us in the middle of the road with no way to get home or to get anywhere. (I think this is going to be a good writing day…) For me, I know I don’t use my time wisefly. I could easily get up earlier or go to bed later. But I love my bed and I try to stay in it as much as possible. I am thinking about joining a reading challenge. I did well in 2013 reading, reading more books than I’ve read in a year, but I was only accountable to myself; joining a challenge is different, and since this is my second year of reading a lot, it’s harder to keep the momentum going. But I would rather try and fail than not try again.

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