Zero to Hero Day 13: Build a (Better) Blogroll

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I’m so tired of hearing about Tim Christie. I swear that is all the news that’s been on. This assignment will be a nice distraction. Maybe.

I tried to start this assignment earlier, but the link I created has disappeared into the netherworld. Perhaps because I was using my cell phone. There was a really good comment I wanted to use for a reply, but I couldn’t get the message to “Take.” It just wouldn’t send. And now I don’t have the slightest idea who I was commenting to. Perhaps I’ll throw it down and see if it resonates with anyone. I thought it was rather entertaining. It was to someone’s post that I had a hard time reading since it was written in a different language. The Blogger, a fellow Northwesterner, was baffled, and replied that he only writes in English. And that experience of seeing a different language only happened once.

“It may have been a fluke or a once in a lifetime cosmic event. Thanks for trying. I comprehend everything you write more, so we are out of the woods. The lyrics, “I can see clearly” has just popped into my head. And the rain is gone, at least momentarily.”

Anyway, has anyone else experienced that? Earlier today, I wanted to respond to gogi6666, who was responding to Cheri Lucas Rowlands posting on how to expand our bloggership, and when I clicked on gogi6666, all I got was Russian text. What am I doing wrong? Is there a setting that’s off.

Anyway, today’s assignment: Create, edit, or expand your blogroll. Really? I don’t know if I have enough energy to even delve into something so cryptic. I know what a bedroll is. I know what an eggroll is. I definitely would love to be on someone’s payroll, but blogroll? What’s the learning curve on this little activity? I’ve got a hot date with my pillow since my alarm is set for the God Awful time of 6:15 in the bloody morning. As you may gather, I am not a morning person. And to top it off I’m going up against high schoolers. The last two days have been a breeze with fifth graders. High Schoolers are a different breed. Different species. Not quite human and tend to be on the annoying side.

I suspect I’m deploying or employing distraction tactics and that if I write enough, I can write right out of this assignment.

I still haven’t learned how to navigate in this program to find the Zero to Hero page yet alone a page that can help me expand my blogroll. Isn’t there like a search field for these kinds of things? When I search, I only find my Zero to Hero pages. The only reason why I know the assignments is that I have the page bookmarked on my phone, but Lord help me, I can’t do the same thing on the lap top. I’m definitely feeling inadequate or something along those lines.

The one thing that I have going for me is that I’m willing to be curious and push buttons and look behind closed doors to find out what’s around; I did that with WordPress and came across a potential link. But I’m really not sure if I link it in this page or go to the link on the margin, and if I do that, where do my links show up? Maybe I’ll just do both and see what happens.

Since I’m having trouble getting to the Zero to Hero page, I’m gonna link it.

But when I put those web pages in the other day, they seemed to link without my using the link button, but maybe they didn’t.

Well, I think I am coming up short in this assignment as I don’t have any more energy to investigate how these links create a blogroll. A procrastinator’s famous words, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”


  1. On Challenge 12 I lost the blogs I commented on. Why because I commented on several that day using both logs in for both my blogs. Then comes challenge 13 the blog roll I just added blog rolls in the last 5 days to both of my blogs. I would like to customize them but that seems like more work than I want to put in right now. Maybe later.

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