Day 9? Zero to Hero challenge

Saturday, January 11, 2014
I had momentarily lost track of how many days I have been doing the Hero to Zero, I mean Zero to Hero thirty day challenge, but WordPress keeps me on track.
Day 10: Dress up your blog with widgets.
At least this time around I know what a widget is, so I accept this assignment:
Today’s assignment: add and customize two widgets.
I am a little confused about the placement of the widgets. Hopefully I have not displaced my About Me Widget. There is nothing worse than a homeless widget, especially this time of year. It is so windy a widget would get blown to timbucktwo. (Obviously, I can’t spell that. Anybody want to get back to me on that?)
The second widget I worked on was the author grid. Huh? The description didn’t help: “Show a grid of author avatar images.” Double huh. What the beech is an avatar? (beech was not my word choice. Sometimes my Samsung Smart Phone thinks it has a better word. I was going to say heck…)
Anyway, I have no idea if my Blog page looks any better, but I have done my best. Now I need to close shop because I have a bowling tournament very early in the morning. Wish me luck.

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