Zero to Hero Day four

Monday, January 6, 2014

One of these days I will learn how to make my text double space when I begin a new paragraph. Another day I will practice using parentheses as that first sentence could have used them. I am not much of a dasher for that matter.

When I first read today’s zero to hero thirty days of blogging assignment about community, creating community, I took the assignment literally and thought I would be having to go and meet people in my community. Not that that would be a terrible assignment, but it works be time consuming. I got this idea because the title of the assignment is to explore the neighborhood, but in actuality, the assignment is to read five blogs in the reader. (One of these days I will learn how to get words pasted in the correct spot in this program, as I tried five or six times without success. I hate it when  the cursor has a mind of its own. Probably why the Damn thing is called a cursor.)

I started this assignment on a Sunday, but because I chose to  read in bed, it is now Monday. I have a tendency to fall asleep. Not that the blogs were boring, not by any means, but it was close to my bedtime when I started to read a very long story. Details escape me at  the moment, but I will return to the adventure of Sereth. I think that is the character’s name.

I have been reading a lot of blogs. I could relate to being a student. I can relate to a lot of blogs, and look forward to using other blogs as a spring board to future blogs I write.

Meanwhile, it is one in the morning, a Monday morning. This substitute teacher does not have 

a job in the morning, but needs to be prepared for an early morning emergency phone call. Goodnight.

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