Zero to Hero day one.

January 2, 2014

Last month or so, I challenged myself to write  daily blog. The first five or so blogs weren’t that hard. I even found some followers.

But then I struggled with motivation. I had people say they liked the work I was doing, but did not respond. I am used to posing  questions on Facebook and getting oodles of replies, but the blogging did not stir the pot. I wrote about Barbara Walters’ ten amazing  or fascinating people. I wanted people to tell me who their choices would have been.

I love to write. Except for letters, emails, Facebook, I write for myself. I had hoped that blogging would be a way to practice writing for an audience.

Once I skipped my first blog, after I think thirteen consecutive blogs, I slid into not writing at all.

When I saw the Zero to Hero thirty day challenge, which starts today, I thought that this could be the spark I was looking for.

The first assignment is to tell you something about myself and why I am writing  this blog. If you like cats and dogs, especially Labrador Retrievers, you will like my blogs. While I write this, I have a Fred Cat on my lap along with Ricky, a seventy-five pound Chocolate Labrador. Yang Cat is at my head.

I write about books, about sports, about gardening. If I write about politics, it must be a very important issue see I tend to stay away from that and religion. I may write about teaching and education. I probably will write about gardening, but since Winter just started, that won’t happen for a while.

My hope is that a year of blogging will provide enough experience and practice that I will become a published writer. I am ready to do the work.

Day one done. Can’t wait to see what day two assignment is.


  1. it is hard to write for oneself without the interactivity. even when I journeyed, which was in and of itself fascinating, it was more satisfying to share it by reading or having replies in a group setting. sometimes the best you can write is a single word. woof.

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